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Dreamsabers are saber cats found in the Emerald Dream. These saber cats have runic wood growing around their legs, rear and mane. The glowing wood resembles armor found on mounts. They are known to toy with their prey before consuming it.[1] Some sabers are known to be ferocious, but lazy. However, after soaking in the daylight their body flames are brighter.[2] Winter night dreamsabers are nocturnal creatures and can hibernate for days on end.[3]



  • Mob  Elusive Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Elusive Moonfang Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Hunting Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Listless Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Manifested Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Prowling Dreamsaber
  • Mob  Shiversnap Prowler
  • Mob  Verdant Dreamsaber

As a mount

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As a hunter pet

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