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Many species of birds can be found on the worlds of Azeroth, Outland and Draenor. They mostly fall under the categories of carrion birds and birds of prey. Many other kinds of birds exist as pets and critters like turkeys and parrots.

Among the Explorers' League, there are those who believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs such as an extinct type of raptor that had feathered arms. The feathers suggest some kind of missing link between the two different kinds of animals.[1]


The following birds have been shown only as collectable mounts or pets:

The following species have been only mentioned in Warcraft games or novels:

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Bird-like creatures:

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  • In the game files one of the types of environmental birds is named sunbirds (seen in the cage in the image bellow).
  • Giant birds can be seen outside the main area on Bonich.