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Water strider

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"Normally bugs are for bait, but how could you look into its eyes and even think that?"
-Nat Pagle[1]

Water striders are large water-bugs that make their first appearance with the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion. Water striders serve an important role in Jinyu culture, acting as a mount, means of sending communications, and even a family pet.[2] They seem to be drawn to still water,[3] and glow the brightest during spring.[4]

When preparing to travel to distant locations, Pandaren will traditionally capture a mirror strider and safely relocate it to another body of water.[5]



As a mount

Main article: Water strider mounts

As a companion pet

As a hunter pet

Cunning - Exotic
Inv misc food 19.png Inv mushroom 11.png
Basic Special Exotic Bonus
Ability druid ferociousbite.png Spell arcane massdispel.png Spell frost windwalkon.png

Only hunters that chose the Beast Mastery specialization at lvl 69 can tame these exotic beasts. What makes these pets unique, is that they are capable of casting [Surface Trot] (a version of [Water Walking]) on itself and the hunter.

Spore walkers may also appear as water striders, to increase the amount of looks for this family type.

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