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Concept art.

“One has not truly lived until they have felt the tidal current rushing through their hair while atop a majestic seahorse," said no one. Ever.”

Mount Journal entry for  [Reins of Poseidus]

Seahorses are a type of large fish that dwell in the ocean depths of Vashj'ir, off the coast of the Dread Wastes as well as in the waters around the Broken Isles. A variety of seahorse found in Nazjatar called a tidestallion looks different from others, more closely resembling an actual horse from the waist up. Stubborn until broken, these underwater mounts provide the swiftest means of travel around the depths of Vashj'ir.[1]

Despite its diminutive size, it is impossible to miss a sea pony cutting through the water.[2]



As a mount

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As a companion pet

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 [Sea Pony] can be fished up from the waters around Darkmoon Island.


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