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Pet families are a system of classification for hunter pets. A pet's family, which is generally based on its species, dictates what food it can eat; what abilities it will have; and what requirements, if any, a hunter needs to meet in order to tame it.

In Dragonflight, there are 60 pet families. In Classic Wrath, there are 32 pet families. In Classic, there are 17 pet families.

Restricted families

Exotic families

Certain pet families, known as [Exotic Beasts], can only be tamed and used by Beast Mastery hunters. These families are often composed of unusual species like core hounds, devilsaurs, and spirit beasts.

Skill families

A small number of families can be used by any hunter specialization, but the hunter must first know how to tame them. Generally this involves reading a tome to learn the required skill.

Some families cannot be tamed until learned:

Although they are not standalone pet families, some specific species of pets belonging to otherwise normal families have similar requirements:


Main article: Pet abilities

All pets have access to the common abilities [Growl] and [Dash]; beyond that, a pet's abilities are decided by what family it belongs to.

Every pet family has two specialization-specific abilities and two family abilities. Some families are allowed additional abilities as well; see other abilities below for a general explanation on these extra abilities, or list of families for all families and what abilities they have.


Each pet family has a specific specialization, which grants a passive ability and an active ability:

Prior to Battle for Azeroth, pet specialization could be changed after taming, and it had a more profound effect on a pet's role in combat. Cunning pets, for example, did less damage than Ferocity pets but offered a variety of PvP-oriented abilities. Now, each specialization deals the same amount of damage, and the two spec-specific abilities are the only difference.

Family abilities

Each family has a damaging ability and a utility ability. The three damaging abilities— [Bite], [Claw], and [Smack]—are all functionally identical. The utility ability can fall into one of six types:

  • Defense: Reduce damage taken by 50% for 12 sec.
  • Dodge: Increase dodge change by 30% fo 20 sec.
  • Mortal Wounds: Grievously wound the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing received for 10 sec.
  • Slow: Reduce movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
  • Tranquilize and Dispel: Remove 1 Enrage and 1 Magic effect from an enemy.
  • Triggered Defense: When health falls below 40%, reduce damage taken by 60% for 15 sec. Can only occur once every 120 sec.
    • Note: The stone hound ability [Stone Armor] is slightly different in that it offers 40% damage reduction but regenerates 3% max health every second.

Other abilities

Certain pet families have additional abilities beyond the "default" ability types listed above. These include:

  • Exotic abilities: All exotic families have a unique ability. Some of these abilities grant combat bonuses such as additional damage or defense, while others grant utility such as water walking.
  • Bonus abilities: A very small number of families are given an extra ability—usually a form of [Stealth]. This ability is not dependent on whether the family is exotic.
  • Tricks: A few families have an ability that causes them to do a small, non-utility behavior, such as doing a flip or going to sleep.


Each pet family has its own dietary preferences that dictate what it will eat when using [Feed Pet]. Food items are divided into six types for this purpose: bread, cheese, fish, fruit, fungus, and meat. Certain families, such as gruffhorns and boars, are able to eat a wide variety of food; others, such as rodents, will only eat a single type. Several pet families are exclusive meat-eaters.

Mechanical pets are an exception, as they eat "mechanical bits" instead of food. Mechanical bits are items like bolts, wiring, and other gizmo parts; many of them are created by engineering or sold by engineering vendors.

Raw food types were briefly introduced as sub-types of meat and fish that only a few families would eat, but they were phased out with Wrath of the Lich King.

List of families

Family name Exotic Spec. Family ability Additional abilities Skill requirement Diet
Bread Cheese Fish Fruit Fungus Meat
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall SilithidWorker.gif Aqiri Cunning [Tendon Rip] (Slow) Exotic: [Dune Strider]
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Basilisk.gif Basilisk Cunning [Petrifying Gaze] (Slow)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Bat.gif Bat Ferocity [Sonic Screech] (Dispel)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Bear.gif Bear Tenacity [Thick Fur] (Defensive) Trick: [Rest]
Cataclysm IconSmall Beetle.gif Beetle Tenacity [Harden Carapace] (Defensive)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Owl.gif Bird of prey Cunning [Talon Rend] (Slow) Trick: [Trick]
Battle for Azeroth IconSmall Crawg.gif Blood beast Tenacity [Blood Bolt] (Slow) Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Boar.gif Boar Cunning [Bristle] (Defensive)
Shadowlands IconSmall Camel.gif Camel Cunning [Hardy] (Defensive)
Battle for Azeroth IconSmall Krolusk.gif Carapid Tenacity [Bulwark] (Defensive) Exotic: [Calcified Carapace]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall CarrionBird.gif Carrion bird Ferocity [Bloody Screech] (Mortal Wounds)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Lion.gif Cat Ferocity Catlike Reflexes (pet ability) (Dodge) Bonus: [Prowl]
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Chimaera.gif Chimaera Ferocity [Frost Breath] (Slow) Exotic: [Froststorm Breath]
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Clefthoof2.gif Clefthoof Ferocity [Thick Hide] (Defensive) Exotic: [Blood of the Rhino]
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall CoreHound.gif Core hound Ferocity [Obsidian Skin] (Defensive) Exotic: [Molten Hide]
Shadowlands IconSmall Horse.gif Courser Ferocity [Fleethoof] (Dodge)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Crab.gif Crab Tenacity [Pin] (Slow)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Crocolisk.gif Crocolisk Ferocity [Ankle Crack] (Slow)
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Devilsaur.gif Devilsaur Ferocity [Monstrous Bite] (Mortal Wounds) Exotic: [Feast]
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Direhorn.gif Direhorn Tenacity [Gore] (Mortal Wounds) Ancient Tome of Dinomancy
(not required for Zandalari trolls)
Bc icon.gif IconSmall Dragonhawk.gif Dragonhawk Tenacity [Dragon's Guile] (Dodge)
Legion IconSmall Hippogryph2.gif Feathermane Tenacity [Feather Flurry] (Dodge) Bonus: [Updraft] Tome of the Hybrid Beast
Cataclysm IconSmall Fox.gif Fox Cunning [Agile Reflexes] (Dodge) Trick: [Play]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Gorilla.gif Gorilla Ferocity Silver Back (Defensive)
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Goat.gif Gruffhorn Cunning [Gruff] (Defensive)
Cataclysm IconSmall Mastiff.gif Hound Cunning [Lock Jaw] (Slow)
Warlords of Draenor IconSmall Hydra.gif Hydra Tenacity [Acid Bite] (Mortal Wounds)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Hyena.gif Hyena Cunning [Infected Bite] (Mortal Wounds)
Dragonflight IconSmall Veilwing.gif Lesser Dragonkin Ferocity [Shimmering Scales] (Defensive)
Battle for Azeroth IconSmall Saurolisk.gif Lizard Tenacity [Grievous Bite] (Mortal Wounds)
Shadowlands IconSmall Elekk.gif Mammoth Tenacity [Trample] (Slow)
Legion IconSmall Mechanostrider.gif Mechanical Cunning [Defense Matrix] (Defensive) Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix
(not required for gnomes, goblins, or mechagnomes)
Non-standard food type; see diet above.
Cataclysm IconSmall Monkey.gif Monkey Cunning [Primal Agility] (Dodge)
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Moth.gif Moth Cunning [Serenity Dust] (Dispel)
Legion IconSmall Yak.gif Oxen Tenacity [Niuzao's Fortitude] (Defensive)
Battle for Azeroth IconSmall Pterrordax2.gif Pterrordax Cunning [Ancient Hide] (Defensive) Exotic: [Updraft]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Raptor.gif Raptor Cunning [Savage Rend] (Mortal Wounds)
Bc icon.gif IconSmall Ravager.gif Ravager Ferocity [Ravage] (Mortal Wounds)
Bc icon.gif IconSmall Netherray.gif Ray Ferocity [Nether Energy] (Dispel)
Warlords of Draenor IconSmall Riverbeast.gif Riverbeast Tenacity [Gruesome Bite] (Mortal Wounds)
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Porcupine.gif Rodent Cunning [Gnaw] (Mortal Wounds) Trick: [Rest]
Legion IconSmall Mushan.gif Scalehide Ferocity [Scale Shield] (Defensive)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Scorpid.gif Scorpid Ferocity [Deadly Sting] (Mortal Wounds)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Serpent.gif Serpent Cunning [Serpent's Swiftness] (Dodge)
Cataclysm IconSmall ShaleSpider.gif Shale beast Cunning [Solid Shell] (Defensive) Exotic: [Shimmering Shale]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Tarantula.gif Spider Ferocity [Web Spray] (Slow)
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall SpiritBeast.gif Spirit beast Tenacity [Spirit Pulse] (Dispel) Bonus: [Spirit Walk]
Exotic: [Spirit Mend]
Bc icon.gif IconSmall Sporebat.gif Sporebat Cunning [Spore Cloud] (Dispel)
Warlords of Draenor IconSmall Talbuk2.gif Stag Tenacity [Nature's Grace] (Dispel)
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Quilen.gif Stone hound Tenacity [Stone Armor] (Defensive) Exotic: [Eternal Guardian]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Tallstrider.gif Tallstrider Ferocity [Dust Cloud] (Slow)
Battle for Azeroth IconSmall Toad.gif Toad Tenacity [Swarm of Flies] (Dodge)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Turtle.gif Turtle Tenacity [Shell Shield] (Defensive)
Bc icon.gif IconSmall WarpStalker.gif Warp stalker Cunning [Warp Time] (Slow)
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Firefly.gif Wasp Ferocity [Toxic Sting] (Mortal Wounds)
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Crane.gif Waterfowl Tenacity [Oiled Feathers] (Dispel) Trick: [Trick]
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall WaterStrider.gif Water strider Cunning [Soothing Waters] (Dispel) Exotic: [Surface Trot]
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall WindSerpent.gif Wind serpent Ferocity [Winged Agility] (Dodge)
WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Wolf.gif Wolf Ferocity [Furious Bite] (Slow)
Wrath-Logo-Small.png IconSmall Worm.gif Worm Tenacity [Acid Spit] (Slow) Exotic: [Burrow Attack]

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