Eye of Azshara

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Not to be confused with Queen Azshara or Azshara.
This article is about the non-instanced zone. For the 5-man dungeon located in Azsuna, see Eye of Azshara (instance).
NeutralEye of Azshara
Level: 10 - 45
Battle Pet Level: 25
Eye of Azshara 1.jpg
Races NagaNaga Naga
MurlocMurloc Murloc
Makrura Makrura
IconSmall Skrog.gif Sea giant
IconSmall DragonTurtle.gif Dragon turtle
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire
Location Southern Broken Isles
PvP status Contested territory

The Eye of Azshara is zone south of Dalaran in the Broken Isles. It is a level 110 elite zone that is a replica of the dungeon of the same name. A flight master can be found here, but even with a level 100 boost, you need to unlock it by visiting the flight point. This area is occupied by 110 elite mobs that are the objectives of N [45REWQ] Aquatic Assassination and N [45REWQ] Hate the Hatecoil. A rare elite C'Thrax called Kosumoth the Hungering also spawns here once his attunement is completed. The world quest to kill it rewards the  [Fathom Dweller] mount or the  [Hungering Claw] companion.

Getting there

No quest ever leads the player to the zone, so it needs to be reached manually. Having the  [Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two] achievement unlocked allows one to simply fly there. Otherwise, using a  [Goblin Glider Kit], demon hunter's [Glide], or  [Emerald Winds] to glide down from Dalaran can get one there. There is a flight path for subsequent visits.


Maps and subregions

Map of the Eye of Azshara.


Kosumoth the Hungering


  • In 2014, Blizzard was stated to have registered a trademark in Benelux for a bit of "computer game software" called Eye of Azshara. This led to the rumor of a new WoW or Hearthstone expansion announcement during BlizzCon 2014.[1]


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