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Raccoons are small mammals native to Pandaria.

Some druids say pandaren and raccoons are distant cousins, but never when a pandaren can hear them.[1] Many young raccoons rail against their strict curfews, complaining that dawn is way too early to go to bed.[2] A goblin alchemist once claimed that the bite of a raccoon gave him the gift of prophecy. Turns out, it was just rabies.[3]

There's a raging debate over whether tanukis are raccoons or dogs, but the distinction seems trivial when they're gnawing on your femur.[4]

The taciturn bandicoon's diet consists mostly of apples.[5] Bandicoons are considered master thieves, and they love snacking on fish, and for that they are loathed by anglers.[6]


As a companion pet


A raccoon in Warcraft III.