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For specific critters, see Roach (critter) and Cockroach.

Roaches, or cockroaches are small insects that can be found skittering about in the dankest corners of Azeroth. A nuisance to most, their incredible survivability sets them apart from other species,[1] and most creatures cannot withstand a fraction of the harsh conditions that roaches can thrive in.[2] However, not even cockroaches were strong enough to withstand the demonic corruption in Felwood.[3] Some roaches have developed a resistance to fire. The outer member of the roaches' eggs protect the larva from incineration, and it is here in incubation that they gain the ability to resist the scorching temperatures of their volcanic environment.[4]

The cockroaches of Deepholm can burrow into stone itself to make their nests.[5] The roaches of the Dread Wastes dwell in the shadows. Some people swear the shadows travel with them.[6]

Nether roaches have adapted to the cold vacuum of space and require no air to survive, though inside it bears almost no resemblance to a common roach.[7]



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