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Races IconSmall Attendant.gifIconSmall Attendant2.gif Attendant
IconSmall MawGuard.gifIconSmall MawCaster.gifIconSmall MawNecromancer.gif Mawsworn
IconSmall NathrezimSL Male.gifIconSmall NathrezimSL Female.gif Nathrezim
Ruler(s) IconSmall Attendant.gif Archivist Roh-Suir
Former ruler(s) IconSmall TheJailer2.gif Zovaal the Jailer †
Affiliation Mawsworn; Death's Advance; Archivists' Codex
Location The Maw (formerly in the In-Between), Shadowlands
The Jailer, Sylvanas, and Anduin looking out at Korthia from Torghast.

Korthia, City of Secrets[1] is an ancient realm of the Shadowlands that was long lost in the In-Between before being dragged into the Maw by the chains of the Jailer. Similar to Oribos, Korthia is inhabited by attendants but also its own strange creatures, and the area contains many mysteries and secrets of the First Ones. The Jailer is searching for these secrets in the hopes of finding the key to fulfill his twisted vision for the Shadowlands.[2][3] Korthia was hidden away in the In-Between to hide things that the races of the Shadowlands didn't want people like the Jailer to find.[4]

Korthia was controlled by the Fatescribe Roh-Kalo and an Archivist who kept track of the records. The Archivist, currently Archivist Roh-Suir, wields a Lodestaff capable of locating any artifact, usually powered by the Netherstar.[5][6][7] Korthia being stolen by the Jailer has torn the very fabric of the Shadowlands.[8] Before the Primus was taken by the Jailer, he had entrusted his sigil to Korthia.[9]

Getting there

Players initially access Korthia via the Beastwarrens in the Maw, southeast of Desmotaeron. They quickly unlock a Waystone to Oribos, which activates its pair in the Ring of Transference in Oribos, as well as an Animaflow Teleporter to Ve'nari's Refuge.


Maps and subregions

Zone map

Adjacent regions


Keeper's Respite, the quest hub
Main article: Chains of Domination campaign

When compared to the Maw, Korthia is a traditional zone, with multiple quest chains and a daily quest hub.

Players travel to Korthia alongside Ve'nari to unlock access to a new Waystone to Oribos, allowing the covenant combatants to freely cross over to the zone and back.

Later, they go on some exploration and recovery missions to locate the missing fatescribe and recover a Shadowlands relic.


Three new types of wildlife have been found in Korthia, as well as two new types of devourers:

Rares and treasures

A great number of daily-lootable rares and containers, and one-time lootable treasures are found in Korthia (as well as next door in the Maw...).


Four rares in Korthia are on a rotation, and may or may not spawn each day: Consumption, Kroke the Tormented, Reliwik the Defiant, and Zelnithop. Not all rares in the table below are actually in Korthia - several are also in the Maw.

 [Conquering Korthia]
Encounter Location Coords
Traitor Balthier Desmotaeron [67.4, 47.8]
Blinding Shadow The Rift (Zovaal's Cauldron) [36.0, 41.6]
Carriage Crusher Outside Keeper's Respite [58.2, 17.7]
Consumption Central Korthia [50.3, 42.6]
Deadsoul Hatcher The Rift (Path of Understanding) [60.0, 53.2]
Deomen the Vortex Desmotaeron [66.4, 55.5]
Dominated Protector Sanctuary of Guidance [51.9, 20.9]
Escaped Wilderling (Night Fae) Hope's Ascent [33.2, 39.4]
Fallen Charger Covenant assault location Varies
Fleshwing (Necro) Seeker's Quorum [59.8, 43.4]
Konthrogz the Obliterator Varies, Korthia Varies
Relic Breaker Krelva Western Korthia island [22.9, 42.1]
Kroke the Tormented Scholar's Den [62.1, 36.4]
Malbog Keeper's Respite [60.7, 23.1]
Guard Orguluus The Rift (Soulstained Fields) [51, 70]
Reliwik the Defiant Vault of Secrets [56.3, 66.1]
Screaming Shade The Rift (Central Korthia) [44.8, 42.8]
Silent Soulstalker The Rift (Vault of Secrets) [57.6, 70.4]
Stygian Stonecrusher (Venthyr) Vault of Secrets [45.7, 80.0]
Torglluun, Lord of Shades The Rift (Ruin's Cradle) [28.6, 25.1]
Towering Exterminator Varies, Korthia Varies
Ve'rayn Varies, Korthia Varies
Wild Worldcracker (Kyrian) Central Korthia [56.9, 32.4]
Xyraxz the Unknowable Mauler's Outlook [45.0, 35.5]
Yarxhov the Pillager Estuary of Awakening [39.4, 52.4]
Ylva, Mate of Guarm Desmotaeron [66.4, 41.9]
Observer Yorik The Rift (Vault of Secrets) [50.3, 75.9]
Zelnithop Gromit Hollow [27.8, 58.9]


There are ten one-time lootable treasures in Korthia and Desmotaeron of the Maw, all required for  [Treasures of Korthia].

 [Treasures of Korthia]
Item Location Coords
 [Anima Laden Egg] Windswept Aerie [29.6, 53.5]
Dislodged Nest Mauler's Outlook [47.3, 29.2]
 [Displaced Relic] Vault of Secrets [50.5, 85.0]
 [Forgotten Feather] Southeast of Keeper's Respite [69.0, 29.9]
Glittering Nest Material Hope's Ascent [38.4, 42.9]
Helsworn Chest Desmotaeron [69.2, 45.2]
Infested Vestige Seeker's Quorum [40.1, 59.0]
 [Jeweled Heart of Ezekiel] Desmotaeron [66.5, 62.2]
 [Lost Memento] Sanctuary of Guidance [53.0, 14.8]
Offering Box Vault of Secrets [45.3, 67.2]

Relic Fragment lootables

Players can repeatedly loot  [Relic Fragment]-containing lootables once a day per spawn. Some lootable types (like Invasive Mawshrooms) have multiple spawn locations each day, so players will be able to loot more than one of some types.

Maps of rares and treasures


Two reputation factions are based in Korthia: Death's Advance, and the Archivists' Codex.

The Death's Advance represents the combined might of the four covenants after coming through to Korthia. Reputation is gained by completing three to five daily quests from a large set of rotating questgivers.

Duchess Mynx
<Death's Advance Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Korthian Armaments] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Vault Anima Tracker] 1000 Stygia Maw upgrade
 [Korthian Weaponry] 1500 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Accessory] 750 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Belt] 750 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Boots] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Bracers] 750 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Chestpiece] 1250 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Cloak] 750 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Gloves] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Helm] 1250 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Legguards] 150 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
 [Korthian Shoulders] 1000 Stygia Item level 200 catchup armor
Honored  [Recipe: Crafter's Mark III] 2000 Stygia Recipe
 [Tome of Origins] 2000 Stygia Recipe for  [Vestige of Origins]
 [Mantle of Death's Advance] 500 Stygia Cosmetic cloak
 [Domestic Aunian] 50 Polished Pet Charm 1500 Stygia Companion pet
 [Cincture of Enveloping Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 cloth waist
 [Gloves of Advancing Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 leather gloves
 [Chain of Encircling Death] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 mail belt
 [Gauntlets of Death's Guardian] 2000 Stygia Item level 220 plate gloves
Revered  [Technique: Contract: Death's Advance] 2500 Stygia Shadowlands inscription (60)
 [Amber Shardhide] 5000 Stygia Mount (75)
Exalted  [Death's Advance Tabard] 3000 Stygia Tabard
 [Ensemble: Battlefield Messenger's Regalia] 6000 Stygia Kyrian transmog set
 [Ensemble: Frontline Necromancer's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Necrolord transmog set
 [Ensemble: Garb of Fall's Promise] 6000 Stygia Night Fae transmog set
 [Ensemble: Renathal's Field Inquisitor's Vestments] 6000 Stygia Venthyr transmog set
 [Battle-Hardened Aquilon] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Kyrian only
 [Battlefield Swarmer Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Necrolord only
 [Winter Wilderling Harness] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Night Fae only
 [Pale Gravewing] 1000 Stygia Mount (75), Venthyr only

The Archivists' Codex is comprised of Korthian attendants devoted to collecting and storing the many relics found in the Shadowlands over the eons. Reputation gains derive from turning in  [Relic Fragment]-containing items, found on the corpses of rare enemies and inside lootable objects in the zone.

Archivist Roh-Suir (Archivists' Codex)
Tier Item Cost Type
N/A  [Trained Gromit Carrier] 35 Relic finding companion (60 min)
 [The Archivists' Codex] 10 Lore book (only available if player does not have it)
Tier 2  [Research Report: All-Seeing Crystal] 100 Relic Fragments acquisition
 [Korthite Crystal Key] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of Flowing Waters] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of the Inner Chambers] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of Many Thoughts] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Treatise: Recognizing Stygia and its Uses] 800 +10 [Stygia] from dailies/rares
Tier 3  [Teleporter Repair Kit] 50 Ancient Teleporter access
Tier 4  [Repaired Riftkey] 100 Rift Portal access
 [Transmute: Stones to Ore] 2,000 Shadowlands Alchemy (160)
 [Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle] 2,500 Recipe
 [Treatise: Bonds of Stygia in Mortals] 1,000 -75% [Stygia] loss in the Maw
Tier 5  [Cloak of the Korthian Scholar] 500 Cosmetic cloak
 [Research Report: Ancient Shrines] 1,000 Phasing Korthian Shrine
 [Treatise: The Study of Anima and Harnessing Every Drop] 1,500 +25 [Reservoir Anima]
Tier 6  [Soaring Razorwing] 5,000 Flying mount (75)
 [Attendant Scholar's Waistcord] 4,000 Item level 239 cloth belt
 [Subtle Mortality Manipulators] 4,000 Item level 239 leather gloves
 [Korthite Crystal Waistguard] 4,000 Item level 239 mail belt
 [Prototype Guardian Grips] 4,000 Item level 239 plate gloves
 [Treatise: Relics Abound in the Shadowlands] 2,000 Reputation tokens
 [Death-Bound Shard] 3,000 Conduit upgrades (to ilvl 252)
 [Alloy-Warping Facetor] 5,000 Socket addition
 [Research Report: Adaptive Alloys] 4,000 Korthian armor upgrades to ilvl 226
 [Research Report: First Alloys] 8,000 Korthian armor upgrades to ilvl 233


A number of mounts and combat pets are found in Korthia:


Korthia mounts
Mount Source Notes
 [Amber Shardhide] Death's Advance 5000 Stygia, revered
 [Battle-Hardened Aquilon]  [On the Offensive] 1000 Stygia, Kyrian only, exalted
 [Battlefield Swarmer Harness]  [On the Offensive] 1000 Stygia, Necrolord only, exalted
 [Beryl Shardhide]  [Death's Advance Supplies] Death's Advance paragon award
 [Bracelet of Salaranga]  [Breaking the Chains] All 9.1 open-world content
 [Crimson Shardhide] Malbog Rare drop
 [Darkmaul] Darkmaul Repeat  [Tasty Mawshroom] feedings
 [Dusklight Razorwing] Dusklight Matriarch Repeat  [Lost Razorwing Egg] deliveries
 [Fierce Razorwing]  [Death's Advance Supplies] Death's Advance paragon award
 [Forsworn Aquilon] Wild Worldcracker Rare drop, Kyrian only
 [Garnet Razorwing] Reliwik the Defiant Rare drop
 [Lord of the Corpseflies] Fleshwing Rare drop, Necrolord only
 [Mastercraft Gravewing] Stygian Stonecrusher Rare drop, Venthyr only
 [Pale Gravewing]  [On the Offensive] 1000 Stygia, Venthyr only, exalted
 [Rampaging Mauler] Konthrogz the Obliterator Rare drop
 [Reins of the Wanderer] Maelie the Wanderer Repeat Maelie finds
 [Soaring Razorwing]  [The Archivists' Codex] 5000 [Cataloged Research], Tier 6 (exalted)
 [Summer Wilderling Harness] Escaped Wilderling Rare drop, Night Fae only
 [Tamed Mauler Harness]  [Supplies of the Archivists' Codex] Archivists' Codex paragon award
 [Winter Wilderling Harness]  [On the Offensive] 1000 Stygia, Night Fae only, exalted

To check progress on the three repeatable mounts, use these macros:

/run local i,s,_,_,_,n,t=0,{64351,64354,64355,64356,64357},GetQuestObjectiveInfo(64376,0,false);for _,q in ipairs(s) do i=i+(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q)and 1 or 0)end;print('Mawshooms looted today: '..i..' of 5. Turned in '..n..' of '..t)
Dusklight Razorwing
/run local i,_,_,_,n,t=0,GetQuestObjectiveInfo(64274,0,false);for q=64280,64281 do i=i+(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q)and 1 or 0)end;print('Eggs looted today: '..i..' of 2. You have turned in '..n..' of '..t..' eggs')
/run local i,c=0,C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted;for q=64293,64299 do if q~=64298 then i=i+(c(q)and 1 or 0)end end;print('You have'..(c(64298)and ''or' NOT')..' reassured Maelie today. You have found Maelie '..i..' of 6 times.')


Korthia combat pets
Pet Location Notes
Animite Broodling Estuary of Awakening Wild pet, capture
Anxious Nibbler Central Korthia Wild pet, capture
 [Chompy] Keeper's Respite Potential reward from Plague Deviser Marileth dailies
Devourling Estuary of Awakening Wild pet, capture
 [Domestic Aunian] Keeper's Respite Death's Advance, honored 50 Polished Pet Charm 1500 Stygia
Eye of Affliction Seeker's Quorum Wild pet, capture
 [Grappling Gauntlet] Any Mawsworn Rare drop
 [Gnashtooth] Keeper's Respite  [Supplies of the Archivists' Codex] paragon chest
 [Korthian Specimen] Windswept Aerie Zelnithop rare drop
 [Mosscoated Hopper] Keeper's Respite  [Death's Advance Supplies] paragon chest
Wild Corpsefly Central Korthia Wild pet, capture
Young Garnetgullet Various Wild pet, capture


Korthia toys
Item Source Notes
 [Ancient Korthian Runes] N [60] Diviner's Rune Chits  [Reliquary Restoration]
 [Forgotten Feather] Floating island at [69.0, 29.9]  [Treasures of Korthia]
 [Guise of the Changeling] N [60] Guise of the Changeling  [Reliquary Restoration]
 [Maw-Ocular Viewfinder] Observer Yorik, The Rift  [Conquering Korthia]
 [Offering Kit Maker] Offering Box  [Treasures of Korthia]
 [Ring of Duplicity] N [60] Ring of Self-Reflection  [Reliquary Restoration]
 [Shadow Slicing Shortsword] N [60] Shadow Slicing Shortsword  [Reliquary Restoration]
 [Silver Shardhide Whistle] Dislodged Nest  [Treasures of Korthia]
 [Vesper of Clarity] Keeper's Respite Visitor daily quest
 [Vesper of Harmony] Wild Worldcracker  [Conquering Korthia]


Notes and trivia

  • The name Korthia may be a reference to Kur, the underworld in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology.
  • The Night Fae consider it a sister forest.[10]



Patch changes


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