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"The Archivists' Codex" redirects here. For the item, see  [The Archivists' Codex]. For the achievement, see  [The Archivists' Codex].
NeutralThe Archvists' Codex
Reliquary of Remembrance.png
The Reliquary of Remembrance
Main leader IconSmall Attendant.gif Archivist Roh-Suir
Base of operations Korthia
Status Active
Currency [Cataloged Research]
Quartermaster IconSmall Attendant.gif Archivist Roh-Suir
Notable reward(s)  [Soaring Razorwing]

The Archivists' Codex is a reputation faction in Korthia, unlocked in the "Archivists of Korthia" chain during the Chains of Domination campaign.

Players must gather  [Relic Fragment] items and turn them in to Archivist Roh-Suir for both [Cataloged Research] (in a one-to-one ratio), and standing with this faction (in a two-to-one ratio).


Korthian attendants have committed their existence to researching relics from across the Shadowlands. Led by their Archivist, they are dedicated to recovering the relics scattered across Korthia in the wake of the mawsworn invasion.

Standing with the faction is gained via one-time quests and by turning in  [Relic Fragment]-containing items to Roh-Suir. Players gain standing at a two-to-one ratio — 2 fragments = 1 point of reputation. The faction does not follow the usual reputation standing point progression.

Standing Overall rep To next level
Tier 1 0 - 2,999 3,000
Tier 2 3,000 - 7,499 4,500
Tier 3 7,500 - 13,999 6,500
Tier 4 14,000 - 24,499 11,000
Tier 5 25,000 - 40,999 16,000
Tier 6 41,000 10,000
Paragon n/a 10,000

The Paragon chest,  [Supplies of the Archivists' Codex], contains 3,500-5,000g, 1-2x  [Teleporter Repair Kit], 1-2x  [Repaired Riftkey] and a chance at  [Tamed Mauler Harness] or  [Gnashtooth].


Archivist Roh-Suir trades in [Cataloged Research] to unlock some rewards:

Archivist Roh-Suir (Archivists' Codex)
Tier Item Cost Type
N/A  [Trained Gromit Carrier] 35 Relic finding companion (60 min)
 [The Archivists' Codex] 10 Lore book (only available if player does not have it)
Tier 2  [Research Report: All-Seeing Crystal] 100 Relic Fragments acquisition
 [Korthite Crystal Key] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of Flowing Waters] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of the Inner Chambers] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Key of Many Thoughts] 25 Korthian Relic Box key
 [Treatise: Recognizing Stygia and its Uses] 800 +10 [Stygia] from dailies/rares
Tier 3  [Teleporter Repair Kit] 50 Ancient Teleporter access
Tier 4  [Repaired Riftkey] 100 Rift Portal access
 [Transmute: Stones to Ore] 2,000 Shadowlands Alchemy (160)
 [Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the Chained Isle] 2,500 Recipe
 [Treatise: Bonds of Stygia in Mortals] 1,000 -75% [Stygia] loss in the Maw
Tier 5  [Cloak of the Korthian Scholar] 500 Cosmetic cloak
 [Research Report: Ancient Shrines] 1,000 Phasing Korthian Shrine
 [Treatise: The Study of Anima and Harnessing Every Drop] 1,500 +25 [Reservoir Anima]
Tier 6  [Soaring Razorwing] 5,000 Flying mount (75)
 [Attendant Scholar's Waistcord] 4,000 Item level 239 cloth belt
 [Subtle Mortality Manipulators] 4,000 Item level 239 leather gloves
 [Korthite Crystal Waistguard] 4,000 Item level 239 mail belt
 [Prototype Guardian Grips] 4,000 Item level 239 plate gloves
 [Treatise: Relics Abound in the Shadowlands] 2,000 Reputation tokens
 [Death-Bound Shard] 3,000 Conduit upgrades (to ilvl 252)
 [Alloy-Warping Facetor] 5,000 Socket addition
 [Research Report: Adaptive Alloys] 4,000 Korthian armor upgrades to ilvl 226
 [Research Report: First Alloys] 8,000 Korthian armor upgrades to ilvl 233


  1. N [60] Researching Korthian Relics
  2. N [60] Interrupt the Interrogations
  3. N [60] Carving Out a Path, N [60] The Sundered Staff
  4. N [60] An Infusion of Anima, N [60] Consulting the Experts
  5. N [60] Hope Ascending
  6. N [60] Finding One's True Purpose
  7. N [60] Establishing the Archive
  8. N [60] Beginning the Collection
    • Optional side chain:
    1. N [60] Picking Up the Pieces
    2. N [60] Collecting Research
    3. N [60] Empowering Equipment
  9. N [60] What Must Be Found
  10. N [60] Missing Relics (at Tier 2)
  11. N [60] Lost Vaults (at Tier 3)
  12. N [60] Mysterious Rifts and N [60] Relic Efficiency (at Tier 4)
  13. N [60] The Final Relics (at Tier 5)


Reputation with the faction is granted in a two-to-one ratio when turning in "Korthian Relics"-tagged items. That is, 2x  [Relic Fragment] = 1 point of standing.

Reputation guide

Reputation gains are based mostly upon finding  [Relic Fragment]-containing lootables and defeating rares in Korthia. Rares and treasures are on the standard daily lockout.

In addition to the fixed reputation gains from quests, players need to gain additional reputation from turning in [Cataloged Research]-containing items:

  • Tier 2 (neutral): 1,300 rep out of 4,500
  • Tier 3 (friendly): 4,500 out of 6,500
  • Tier 4 (honored): 9,000 out of 11,000
  • Tier 5 (revered): 14,500 out of 16,000

At Tier 1, invest the 35 Cataloged Research into the  [Trained Gromit Carrier] and make sure the summoned Swagsnout Gromit is out, as it will help find lootables that are not marked on the minimap. Despite what the item's tooltip implies, the gromit carrier is permanent and reusable.

At Tier 2, players must purchase one of each of the four keys —  [Korthite Crystal Key],  [Key of Flowing Waters],  [Key of the Inner Chambers],  [Key of Many Thoughts] — as the four Korthian Relic Boxes are each only lootable one time and require different keys. Players should also purchase  [Research Report: All-Seeing Crystal] for 100 [Cataloged Research], which reveals hidden Relic Gatherers and Relic Gorgers hidden throughout Korthia. Additionally, the all-seeing crystal also identifies randomly-spawned normal creatures that are also carrying Relic Fragments. This investment will pay for itself in a few days.

At Tier 3, the consumable  [Teleporter Repair Kit] becomes available for 50 Research each, unlocking two rare-elites inside the Ancient Teleporters : Xyraxz the Unknowable inside the Chamber of Wisdom and Yarxhov the Pillager inside the Chamber of Knowledge. The rares usually do not drop enough relic fragments to recover the investment, so try to avoid purchasing the repair kits if possible.

At Tier 4, the consumable  [Repaired Riftkey] grants access to The Rift for 15 minutes per use via Rift Portals. There are four Riftbound Caches hidden in the Rift each day, which contain enough Relic Fragments to make up for the purchase price. The riftkeys also allow players to access the Rift-only rare (Observer Yorik) and pull the Rift-hidden rares (like the Screaming Shade) back into the normal phase and kill them as well. Additionally, the riftkey grants access to the Maw Rift and it's three rares.

At Tier 5, players must purchase the required  [Research Report: Ancient Shrines] for 1,000 Cataloged Research to access the final three relics at Phasing Korthian Shrines. Other than that, there's no required expenses.

Gallery of relics

Find all twenty relics to earn the achievement  [Reliquary Restoration].

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