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For mana as an in-game resource, see Mana (game resource). For the chest enchant, see  [Mana].

“You can never have too much mana.”

— Arcanomage Misti (Throne of the Tides)
Crystallized mana on the surface of a damaged ley line.

Mana is a substance and a magical power resource which casters draw upon when casting their spells.[1] Arcane magic can be used to control the flow of mana,[2] which is just a measure of a fundamental power—if mana were water, then arcane would be steam pressure.[3] The existence and mixture of various forces and energies form powerful vortices of mana.[4]


A blood elf mage siphoning mana in Hearthstone.

When they run out of mana, spellcasters can no longer use magic and are left exhausted.[5][6] As magic draws its energy from the physical forces of the caster, for instance the magi with the arcane,[7] the only way to regenerate the body is by consuming food, especially protein.[8] They may also use mana potions prepared by alchemists.[9][10] The more a living being's mana is consumed or drained, the more they are weakened,[11] and if abused, it can cause fainting or death.[12][13][14] In this case, the only way to save them is to restore their mana.[15][16]

It is possible for the Highborne[17] and their descendants afflicted by the magic addiction,[18][19] to drain mana from a surrounding source, including mana-bearing items,[20] artifacts,[21] ley lines,[22] or even creatures and mortals possessing mana.[23][24] All demons hungered for magic,[25] such as the felhounds who hunted down those with the gift for magic, draining their mana to death.[26][27]

In older times, when magic was less understood and spells required vast amounts of mana to cast, gems were used to store mana for use in complex spells.[28] Mana batteries can also be created with elemental cores.[29] On the Broken Isles, Ancient Mana is a byproduct of the underground leylines beneath Suramar which had naturally reached the surface, and while the result can come in many forms, a crystalline form is the most common.[30] For the nightborne that were dependent on the Nightwell, it was an effective, if crude, substitute for the mana wine.[31][32]

In the Shadowlands, anima is the source that is drawn upon by its denizens when using death magic, and is comparable to the mana used in the Great Dark Beyond.[33]

Ley lines

Main article: Ley line

The ley lines are channels of immense power that course through the earth of planets[34][35] like blood vessels carrying magic instead of scarlet fluid.[36] On the surface, they tend to crystallize in the form of glowing purple mana crystals,[37] but they require time to form.[38] Malygos once used the ley lines to communicate over long distances, which requires the caster to channel their mana through a projected runic construct.[39]

In World of Warcraft

Mana creatures

Mana crystals

Main article: Mana crystal

The mana crystals are blood elf creations used to store magical energy. Unlike the fel crystals, they are typically crimson in design. After the fall of Quel'Thalas and the Sunwell, blood elves entered a state of magical addiction that forced them to suck mana crystals.[48] In Outland, Kael'thas' magisters had refined their usage of mana crystals to the point where they could siphon large amounts of energy in a matter of seconds.[49]

Unstable mana crystals, if not handled properly, could explode with enough force to blow a hole into a city's walls.[50]

Mana bombs

Main article: Mana bomb

Mana bombs are powerful explosive devices developed by the blood elves for use against enemy spellcasters.[51] These bombs are fueled by pure arcane energy and kill instantly.[52]

Mage spells

Main article: Mage
  • Mages have the ability to store mana into gems.
  • They can manipulate mana for defense, offense, and on portals.[53]
  • They can conjure food and drink made from mana, which taste and quality depend on the caster's expertise.[54][55]
  • Mages can expend mana in order to deal high amounts of damage with amazing speed, though they must be wary of exhausting themselves.[56]
  • The most generalized abjuration spell is the [Mana Shield], which transmutes raw mana into a protective barrier.[57]
  • Mages can disenchant magical items, producing a unique form of crystallized mana which can be used to imbue other items with magical abilities.[58]


Main article: Manaforge
A manaforge operating in Netherstorm.

After taking control of the Tempest Keep, Kael'thas Sunstrider and his Sunfury blood elves harvested its parts and used them to construct the manaforges,[59] in order to harvest the chaotic magic of the Twisting Nether from Netherstorm.[60] The magic was then channeled to the Mechanar where it was packaged into manacells of naaru design.[61][62] According to Exarch Orelis, manaforges are a form of energy recharger, which was never designed to be used so close to land. This use was ripping Netherstorm apart and accelerating its deterioration.[63]

Manacells were originally meant to contain a matter known as "energon",[64] which might have over time become nethergon energy and a separate concept.


Main article: Moonwell

Moonwells are upwellings of magical waters created by the night elves to maintain and restore their magical powers. Holding the waters of the Well of Eternity, and bound to the magic of nature and the light of Elune, they are places of healing for both the land around them and those who drank of their waters. Casters can refresh their mana there,[65] a gift of the Mother Moon to Azeroth's defenders.[66]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The powers of the spellbreaker are terrifying to those with knowledge of magic, for their blows shatter the mana from a spellcaster's body.[67]

The second Well of Eternity is a massive pool of water infused with raw mana at the base of the World Tree. Coveted by demons, warlocks, and many mages, the well is the greatest source of arcane magic in the world.[68]

Mana surges are magic-based elementals which are a type of air elemental[69] and are an example of an ooze.[70] They are an aberration in the natural flow of magic. If ley lines and moon wells are the arteries and organs of the magical world, mana surges are its cancer.[71]

In exchange for the blood elves' loyal service, Illidan gave them a place to live, as well as further techniques to siphon mana from anything with arcane power. Blood elves on Outland now hunt demons and feed off the demons' magic.[72] Separated from the high elves more by cultural differences than physiological ones, it has since been determined that they are, in fact, beginning to evolve into a separate race, due largely to their consumption of mana from primarily fel sources.[73][74]

Nether dragons feed on mana and magic of all kinds and constantly patrol the Twisting Nether and those worlds open to it, such as Outland, for nourishment.[75]

According to Brann Bronzebeard, spellcasters get an additional kick from drinking Moonberry Juice, as it gives a major rush of mana, refreshing the soul as well as the mind.[76]

In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

  • Mana most efficiently fills an unbroken vessel.[77]
  • A mage can manipulate mana for defense as well as offense.[78]
  • Magi are unique in their ability to store mana for future use without alchemical aid.[79]
  • If you look close enough, you can see the pure essence of mana swirling beneath the surface.[80]

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