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Baradin Bay seen from above the Wetlands.

Baradin Bay is a portion of the Great Sea off the west coast of central Eastern Kingdoms. It spans from northwestern Dun Morogh in Khaz Modan, to southern Gilneas in Lordaeron. Important settlements located on its coast include: Menethil Harbor, Stromgarde Keep, the former township of Southshore, and Stormglen Village.

During and after the Second War, the Kul Tiran armada patrolled the area regularly.[1][2] Shipwrecks belonging to the seafaring nation's Third Fleet, destroyed in the Second War, can be seen on the coast of the Wetlands, while others have sunk to the bottom of the Great Sea.[3] Following the Cataclysm, an earthquake-triggered tidal wave[4] swept through the bay, flooding Menethil Harbor.[5]

The bay is inhabited by murlocs and crocolisks in the shallows, and crabs and sharks in the deeper water.


Baradin Bay seen in Chronicle Volume 2.

Minor locations

Lore locations

Regions adjacent to Baradin Bay

In Warcraft II

The area of the yet to be named Baradin Bay.

WC2-BnetE-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

In Warcraft II, the Great Sea is shown to occupy the bay area as Baradin Bay was not yet established in the lore. Although it was the original location of several islands, when these were introduced in World of Warcraft and its expansions, the majority of them were retconned to different locations.

Others are yet to be seen.

  • Channel Islands, a group of islands to which the Zul'Dare region belongs.
    • Zul'Dare, originally located southeast of Gilneas, as per Chronicle 3 it is now just south of the peninsula.

Notes and trivia

  • The murloc hovels in the Wetlands have a high concentration of junk that you can fish.
  • It is stated that between Hasic and Khaz Modan there is only water and the island of Tol Barad,[6] meaning it is located on Baradin Bay's Lordaeronian coast.
  • The name "Baradin Bay", first seen in World of Warcraft, was probably named as such by the designers because of the previous appearance of the island of Tol Barad in Warcraft II. Tol Barad was originally depicted in the yet to be named bay, but when the island was re-introduced in Cataclysm its location was changed to being west of Gilneas instead. When asked about this discrepancy, Matt Burns suggested that maybe both places were named after a common historical figure and noted that he was merely speculating and that it wasn't canon.[7] The existence of Duke Reginald Baradin II gives more fuel to this speculation.



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