Northern Headlands

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The Northern Headlands.

The Northern Headlands is a region running along the Greymane Wall in northwestern Gilneas. Like in the Headlands, stone ruins can be found throughout the area. It is mostly peaceful, save for the presence of Korok the Colossus, a giant ettin who once wandered here. It is home to Gilnean hounds and Highlands foxes, while some sheep can be found around the ruins in the western portion.

Wolfsbane can be found in the eastern parts of Northern Headlands. It is a plant deadly to worgen, which was gathered by the Forsaken and later made into oil and applied to their weapons.[1][2]

There is no incentive to go here during the worgen starting experience. During the Silverpine Forest storyline, the area extends into what was the Northgate Woods, since the latter subzone does not display, while the Forsaken Forward Command, Dreadwatch Outpost, and Rutsak's Guard can be found here.



Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The Forsaken bombarding Gilneas City with the New Plague from the Northern Headlands.

Following the battle for Gilneas City, Forsaken forces could be found in the area, working on the orders of Sylvanas Windrunner to produce vast quantities of the New Plague to use against Gilneas City. The worgen adventurer was sent to attack their catapults bombarding the Cathedral Quarter, in order to delay the use of the blight while all the citizens were evacuated to Aderic's Repose.[3][4]

During the liberation of Gilneas, Horde adventurers arrived at the nearby Forsaken Forward Command and found the Northern Headlands filled with Forsaken Vanguards and Worgen Rebels locked in combat. Despite their numerical superiority, the knowledge of the terrain and the surprise attacks carried out by the Gilneas Liberation Front and the Bloodfang pack became a serious threat to the Forsaken. Consequently, Forward Commander Onslaught tasked the Horde adventurer to eliminate a few worgen to help his soldiers on the battlefield.[5] He also ordered them to recover the Forsaken Communication Device in the area, in order to reestablish communications with their troops across Gilneas.[6] At the same time, the ettin Korok the Colossus did not appreciate their presence here and regularly hurled boulders on the combatants. According to Forward Commander Onslaught, the giant slaughtered hundreds of Forsaken soldiers, and killing him granted their troops a brief relief.[7]

However, the battle eventually ended when the Gilneas Liberation Front overrun the Forsaken Forward Command, causing the death of Forward Commander Onslaught and the withdrawal of the Forsaken troops.[8] Once the conflicts between the Alliance and the Horde ended in the region, the Northern Headlands were left abandoned as they were originally.


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

The Forsaken bombarding the Scarlet Crusade's holy shields placed in the Cathedral Quarter.

Over a decade later, the Forsaken troops and their catapults were once again present in both the Northern Headlands and Northgate Woods, but this time, to help the Gilnean people reclaim Gilneas City from the hands of the Scarlet Crusade during the Reclamation of Gilneas. Under the orders of Calia Menethil,[9] and after they received the signal from King Genn Greymane,[10] they bombarded the holy shields set up by the zealots in the Cathedral Quarter, creating a diversion while the Alliance troops entered the capital from the Greymane Court.[11]

Following their victory over the Crusade, the Desolate Council kept their word and withdrew their forces from the region. The Northern Headlands then returned to the control of the kingdom, and were cleared of the banners, structures, and debris left behind during the Forsaken occupation.


After the Reclamation of Gilneas Dragonflight
During the worgen starting zone Cataclysm
During the Silverpine Forest storyline


  • The area is specified in Lord of His Pack to contain mountains. This adds up with the original design of the area roughly on the other side of the wall, where the 7th Legion Base Camp is now located. This other side can be seen briefly in Curse of the Worgen, confirming the location of these mountains. These mountains still exist in the original version of Silverpine Forest, which can be found in Classic. Though not depicted in the main map, the mountains are depicted in modern form as they can be seen in the Battle for Gilneas; namely near the  [Double Rainbow].
    • While not shown in the game, the Gilnean Coast, where the Battle for Gilneas battleground takes place, would be located in this region along the coastline. This is another example of the world not being to scale; but the location can be confirmed due to the placement of the Greymane Wall and how the end of the wall is located on both the overworld and battleground alongside the sea.


Patch changes

  • Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 (2024-01-16): Updated. The Northern Headlands have been cleared of most Forsaken objects, and the ruined buildings no longer burn.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.


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