King's Gate

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The King's Gate.

King's Gate is located within Gilneas. It is a smaller version of the Greymane Wall, and the brother gate to Queen's Gate, defending the pass towards the Duskhaven area. The King's Gate is the higher, more northerly of the two. Its road connects Greymane Manor to what became the Stagecoach Crash Site, with a ruined path that formerly led to Gilneas City.

During the attack of the Wolf Cult on Gilneas City, Lord Vincent Godfrey was present at the gate with two soldiers giving him a situation report. From their position, they saw Belysra Starbreeze and Halford Ramsey, in worgen form, fleeing the capital through the Greymane Court's bridge while being pursued by a pack of worgen. After the priestess managed to get rid of them with the light of Elune, they were approached by Godfrey who shot Halford and left him for dead. When the soldiers asked what to do with the night elf, Godfrey ordered them to leave her to the worgen, as she wasn't one of their kind.[1]


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The gate may have been built by King Genn Greymane as a secondary defense structure should the Greymane Wall fall.

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