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For the dwarven kingdom sometimes referred to as Khaz Modan, see Ironforge (kingdom).
NeutralKhaz Modan
Level: 1 - 60; 84 - 90
Khaz Modan continent.jpg
Races Ironforge dwarfIronforge dwarf Ironforge dwarf
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
Wildhammer dwarfWildhammer dwarf Wildhammer dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome
HumanHuman Human
Ice trollIce troll Ice troll
Jungle trollJungle troll Jungle troll
Leper gnomeLeper gnome Leper gnome
Trogg Trogg
Kobold Kobold
Red dragon Red dragon
Black dragon Black dragon
OgreOgre Ogre
Dragonmaw clanDragonmaw clanOrcOrc Orc
GoblinGoblin Goblin
IconSmall Ettin.gif Ettin
Major settlements Alliance Ironforge
Alliance Gnomeregan
Alliance Shadowforge City
Neutral Grim Batol †
Neutral Blackrock Spire
Minor settlements Alliance Menethil Harbor
Alliance New Tinkertown
Alliance Highbank
Alliance Thelsamar
Horde Dragonmaw Port
Neutral Dun Modr
Neutral Fuselight
Affiliation Kingdom of Ironforge, Bronzebeard clan, Dark Iron clan, Wildhammer clan, Gnomeregan, Alliance, Dragonmaw clan, Horde, Thorium Brotherhood, Red dragonflight, Black dragonflight, Twilight's Hammer
Location Central Eastern Kingdoms

Khaz Modan is a mountainous subcontinent making up the center third of the Eastern Kingdoms, between Azeroth to the south and Lordaeron to the north. It is the ancestral homeland of the dwarves and gnomes. The name Khaz Modan means "Mountain of Khaz" in Dwarven, in honor of the titan Khaz'goroth.[1][2]


At the start of the Second War, most of Khaz Modan was conquered by the Old Horde. The dwarves had proven sturdy opponents but their mountain keeps had fallen before the orcs, all except the city of Ironforge, which held fast.[3] The subcontinent was left occupied by the Bleeding Hollow clan, who was guarding the refinement operations of the Horde.[4] The Dragonmaw clan itself was stationed there too. Khaz Modan suffered greatly from this occupation: wildlife became scarce as both the orcs and their dragons in Grim Batol thrived heavily on fresh meat, and despoiled badlands became more common as plants themselves suffered.[5] The dwarves that could fled, those that couldn't hid underground and started resisting. Forces of Stromgarde and Kul Tiras were stationed along the northern border of Khaz Modan, fighting to keep the orcs from advancing into southern Lordaeron.[6] Danath Trollbane made a name for himself as a great leader during the final battle for the liberation of the continent.[7]



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