Stagecoach Crash Site

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The Stagecoach crashed.

Stagecoach Crash Site is a crashed stagecoach located northest of Koroth's Den in Gilneas. During the evacuation towards Stormglen Village after the Cataclysm, it is here that Ogre Ambushers caused Prince Liam Greymane's stagecoach to crash, while the other stagecoach fell into Hailwood Marsh, where they battled crocolisks to stay alive.

When the worgen adventurer arrived to help, Liam is the only person present and tasked them to save all the survivors while he came up with a plan to deal with the Servants of Koroth.[1] After the prince learned that the Forsaken troops were after the refugees, he planned to stop them by stealing Koroth's banner from his den with the help of the adventurer, and then planted it before the squadron. When Koroth came, he mistakenly believed that the Forsaken took the banner and slaughtered all of them in the area.[2] Prince Liam later left the area to join his father at Livery Outpost.

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