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AllianceStormglen Village
Stormglen Village 3.jpg
Type Village
Leader(s) Unknown
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Faith(s) Holy Light, Old Ways
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Gilneas, Alliance
Location Southern Gilneas
Status Active

Done Inn          Done Mailbox

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Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
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Stormglen Village is a fishing village[1] located in the southern edge of the Blackwald in Gilneas. It was described as a town of survivors with tough, hardy men and women.[2]


Curse of the Worgen

Comics title.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Halford Ramsey discovering the Wolf Cult's carnage at Stormglen, in Curse of the Worgen.

One day before the Wolf Cult's attack on Gilneas City, Halford Ramsey, now a worgen, was lured to Stormglen by the smell of blood and discovered the village deserted. While doing his research, he found carcasses of animals devoured by the worgen but no humans. After feeding and avoiding a confrontation with the bloodthirsty beasts, Alpha Prime himself came and tried to convince him to join his cause by telling him the story of the Druids of the Scythe. However, Halford remained reluctant and critical, until Alpha Prime gave him one last time to decide before they left in the direction of the Blackwald.

The day of the attack, as he was reading the Purity of Essence beneath the roots of Tal'doren, Halford understood that Alpha Prime and his cultists were liars and murderers who disobeyed their own rules by killing innocents. In their own words, those who resisted their "blessings" were killed, so Halford supposed that the smell of blood in Stormglen Village may not have been that of animals, and that the cult attacked the village to convert some of the townspeople into worgen.[2]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Following the beginning of the invasion of Gilneas, and the destruction of Duskhaven by the Cataclysm, King Genn Greymane ordered the evacuation of his people towards Stormglen Village, considering that Greymane Manor was still vulnerable to Forsaken attacks.[3] Despite a few problems on the way, Prince Liam Greymane' scouts report there might be shelter and supplies to be found, and most of the survivors manage to reach the village at the edge of the Blackwald[1] Here the fleeing residents of Duskhaven were hoping for safety into friendly open arms, but only discovered that the residents of the town have disappeared without a trace, leaving the village abandoned. The village was almost intact, except for the Vilebrood spiders who overrun the eastern section of the settlement. The worgen adventurer was tasked by Mayor Gwen Armstead to dispatch them,[4] but since the spiders kept coming in alarming numbers, they also had to kill the broodmother Rygna in her nest.[5]

Among the former inhabitants, there was an old man named Bradshaw who kept a journal of the events transpiring at Stormglen. After recovering its lost pages, Lorna Crowley was able to know where the town citizens had gone to. Like the rest of Gilneas, Stormglen was also attacked by the worgen, but the survivors eventually escaped the Wolf Cult for Tempest's Reach in the mountains to the east.[6]

After the events in the Blackwald, the refugees at Stormglen were told by the adventurer to continue east, through the Blackwald where Lord Darius Crowley and his worgen would protect them from the Forsaken, and into the mountains to Tempest's Reach.[7] By the time of the liberation of Gilneas, Stormglen Village remained abandoned following the evacuation of the population to Darnassus.[8]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Over a decade later, Stormglen Village returned under the control of the kingdom after the Reclamation of Gilneas. Upon their arrival, the Gilneans had to get rid of the Vilebrood spiders there, pushing them back towards the Blackwald.[9] In time, Greymane Watchers came to protect the area from the spiders, and the citizens returned to their homes with some seen emptying their luggage. The village was largely renovated and cleared of its debris, but according to Lord Hewell, there is still plenty of work before it can be considered fully repaired. At some point, a new dock was created right next to the cemetery, where sailors began their activities, while the forge behind the inn was moved to the eastern exit of the town.

Since their homes in Duskhaven have been destroyed by the Cataclysm, Grandma Wahl and the Hammond family came to settle in the available houses of Stormglen Village.[10]

Some time after the establishment of Bel'ameth, the night elven ship named the Moonlit Rose began providing transportation between Stormglen Village and Belanaar in Amirdrassil under the command of Talar Oaktalon.


After the Reclamation of Gilneas Dragonflight
During the worgen starting zone Cataclysm



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