Aderic's Repose

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Aderic's Repose.
The house and exit of the Undertaker's Pass.

Aderic's Repose is a cemetery in Gilneas located outside of the capital to the west, not far from Keel Harbor to the north. The location is a cemetery with a memorial hill, a gate, and two houses. At the top of the hill lies Aderic's Tomb, an unknown Gilnean referred to as a "patriarch". King Genn Greymane described this cemetery as a holy place where the heroes and patriots of Gilneas are buried.[1]

The Undertaker's Pass that begins in Greymane Court, crosses under the Northgate River and exits in a small house here,[2] which appears to be a "funeral home".



Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Following the battle for Gilneas City, King Genn Greymane made the difficult choice not to pursue Sylvanas Windrunner but to respect Prince Liam's wish to prioritize the safety of the Gilnean civilians before all.[3] While the worgen adventurer was sent to delay the use of the New Plague on the capital, all the survivors were evacuated to Aderic's Repose by passing through the Undertaker's Pass, a subterranean passage hidden beneath the Greymane Court.[2][4] However, in their hurried escape for safety, the refugees disturbed the resting homes of their ancestors, as they unearthed the small mementos buried on top of the Gilnean's graveyards according to tradition.[5] In order to return the dead to their eternal slumber, Krennan Aranas sent the worgen adventurer to recover the mementos, then to honor their ancestors at Aderic's tomb, which convinced the spirits to leave the living world.[1] At the same time, the Gilnean survivors were led to Keel Harbor by Lord Darius Crowley.[6]

In the final moments of the evacuation, Prince Liam was laid to rest in a coffin in front of the patriarch's tomb. During the ceremony, King Greymane and the Crowley family paid their final respects and made a promise to him to liberate Gilneas one day.[1] Caskets and bodies in mummified wrap could be found burning, possibly because of the worgen curse, too many dead during the invasion to bury them all, and/or not wanting Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken to resurrect them in undeath.


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Scarlet Crusaders purging the Gilnean tombs.

By the time of the end of the war against the Primalists on the Dragon Isles, Aderic's Repose was under the control of the Scarlet Crusade like the other areas of Gilneas. Under the orders of Inquisitor Fairbell, a group of crusaders led by Consecrator Hennas began to exhume the Gilnean corpses. Considering them tainted and warped by the worgen curse, they started to burn their bones in order to "return" them to the Light, all in an effort to purge the curse from the land. They also receive orders to eliminate any worgen and their allies on sight.[7]

During the Reclamation of Gilneas, the adventurer was tasked by Princess Tess Greymane to eliminate the Scarlet Crusaders blocking the secret access to the Undertaker's Pass in the cemetery.[8] At the same time, King Genn Greymane learned about the actions of the Crusade in Aderic's Repose and ordered Consecrator Hennas to be eliminated, refusing to allow the sacrifice of the Gilneans who died for their homeland to be defiled in this manner.[9] After the area was cleared, Tess Greymane, Lilian Voss, and the adventurer used the Undertaker's Pass to leave the cemetery towards Gilneas City.[10]

Following their victory, Genn made his way to Liam's grave where he reflected on the past, his regrets, and how time changed him; he then expressed that Gilneas was in the best of hands with Tess as the new queen of the kingdom.[11] At some point, the burning and exhumed bodies were removed and returned to their graves, while the area remained devoid of civilian presence.


During the Reclamation of Gilneas Dragonflight
During the worgen starting area Cataclysm


  • Repose means to lie at rest or lie dead.


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