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The Greymane Court after the Reclamation of Gilneas.

The Greymane Court is the southwestern section of Gilneas City. It connects to the Military District to the east, and the Cathedral Quarter to the north. Unlike the majority of the capital, this district is not in ruins but rather in good condition. A secret tunnel known as the Undertaker's Pass connects a house here with Aderic's Repose on the other side of the Northgate River.

Following the Reclamation of Gilneas, the district was restored and became a place of activity in the capital, including an inn, a stable, and many citizens walking there with children.


Curse of the Worgen

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When the Wolf Cult overrun Gilneas city, it was from here that their leader Alpha Prime orchestrated the attacks across the capital. In the midst of the chaos, the night elf Belysra Starbreeze confronted Alpha Prime to stop the bloodshed, only to be saved at the last moment by Halford Ramsey, struggling to maintain control over his worgen form. Outnumbered by the beasts, Belysra used the light of Elune to send the pack leader into one of the city's canals, giving the duo time to escape.[1]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The death of Prince Liam in the Greymane Court.
Greymane Court during the battle for Gilneas City.

After the loss of the other districts to the worgen, the survivors led by King Genn Greymane regrouped at the Greymane Court, the last place where they could hold out without being trapped. A set of barricades was put in place to secure the area, while many injured people were taken care of by Celestine of the Harvest and Sister Almyra. In order to secure the evacuation of the citizens to Duskhaven, Lord Darius Crowley and his Northgate rebels accepted a suicide mission to attract as many worgen as possible to the Cathedral Quarter.[2] After Darius and the adventurer left to create a diversion, Lorna Crowley arrived to ask where her father was following his release. Prince Liam Greymane had no choice but to tell her that Darius and his men had volunteered to make a suicide diversion at Light's Dawn Cathedral. In a fit of rage, Lorna threatened King Greymane with a gun, accusing him of sadistically having her father released only to have him killed for final revenge. Although the king tried to deny the accusations, Liam managed to stop her, and while she mourned the certain death of her father, Genn started the evacuation of the Gilnean population towards Duskhaven.[1]

Later after the evacuation of the civilians, Belysra Starbreeze and Halford Ramsey managed to leave the Greymane Court via the bridge, where they were pursued by a pack of worgen. The priestess of the Moon once again used her powers to repel the beasts, and the duo managed to leave the capital, only to be attacked by Lord Vincent Godfrey and his men near the King's Gate.[1]

During the battle for Gilneas City, Prince Liam Greymane and Lord Crowley caught Sylvanas Windrunner herself at the Greymane Court, while King Greymane and his forces came and attacked from the other side. As the tide was turning against the Banshee Queen, she used her dark powers to stun everyone in the immediate area and aimed a poisoned arrow at Genn. However, Liam jumped in front of the bowshot, saving his father from certain doom. As Sylvanas fled the scene, Liam died in the arms of his father, with the knowledge that the city had been freed from Forsaken control.[3]

After the battle, the court remained under the control of the Gilnean forces. When the worgen adventurer informed the king that the Forsaken were going to use the New Plague, Genn made the difficult choice not to pursue his son's murderer but to respect his wish to prioritize the safety of the civilians before all.[4] While the worgen adventurer bombarded the Forsaken forces at the Northern Headlands, to delay their use of the blight, all the survivors were evacuated to Aderic's Repose by passing through the Undertaker's Pass, a subterranean passage hidden beneath a fishing shop in the district.[5][6]

The Greymane Court was ultimately abandoned when the Alliance and Horde forces left Gilneas City at the end of the conflict.[7]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the Fourth War, Princess Tess Greymane was sent by Goldrinn on a spiritual journey into the Emerald Dream's version of Gilneas City, in order to learn more about the worgen curse.[8] As she and the Gilnean champion relived the battle for Gilneas City, Tess began to lose control after she killed an apparition of Nathanos Blightcaller and slaughtered the Forsaken in the court, which was overrun with lush vegetation. However, she failed to stop Sylvanas Windrunner from killing once more her brother Prince Liam and succumbed to the worgen frenzy. After the adventurer defeated the Essence of Rage she manifested, Tess understood that she could not have saved her brother and the kingdom with the curse, then asked Goldrinn to leave the Dream.[9]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

The Greymane Court under Scarlet Crusade's control.

Following their defeat against the Forsaken in Silverpine Forest, the Scarlet Crusade managed to weasel their way into the peninsula and occupy Gilneas City, using it as their stronghold for their operations in Lordaeron. Led by Inquisitor Fairbell, they've filled the city with their most experienced forces and stashed explosives across the Greymane Court.[10][11]

During the Reclamation of Gilneas, the Forsaken forces and their catapults were present in both the Northern Headlands and Northgate Woods, but this time, to help the Gilnean reclaim their kingdom. Under the orders of Calia Menethil,[12] they bombarded the holy shields set up by the Scarlet forces in the Cathedral Quarter, creating a diversion for their allies.[13] Meanwhile, Princess Tess Greymane, Lilian Voss, and the adventurer infiltrated the district through the Undertaker's Pass,[14] in order to open the gates for their troops waiting outside the capital. Preparing the way for their allies, they reduced the number of the Scarlet forces here and recovered some of their explosives,[10][11] before Princess Tess opened the gates and began the start of the reconquest of their city.

Following the Gilnean victory, the Greymane Court was cleaned of the remaining Scarlet forces and returned under the control of the kingdom. In time the citizens returned to their homes, and most of them could be seen chatting or walking around the district with their children, while Gilnean Workers could be seen repairing the damage caused by the numerous conflicts that have taken place here. The Undertaker's Pass also remained accessible as citizens of the court could be seen entering and exiting the fishing house, which serves as the subterranean passage's entrance to the capital.


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