Demonic tyrant

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For the warlock spell, see [Summon Demonic Tyrant].
Demonic tyrant
Khazaduum, the first of his kind.
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Sargeras.gif Sargeras
IconSmall Kil'jaeden.gif Kil'jaeden
IconSmall Archimonde.gif Archimonde
Homeworld Argus
Language(s) Eredun

Demonic tyrants are a sub-type of eredar who undergo a ritual that twists their bodies into an even more brutal form. They are some of the eredar's greatest warriors, and even Illidan advised to take caution around them because of their power.[1]

Khazaduum was the first of them, created when the eredar first joined the Burning Legion. A most faithful servant of the Legion, Khazaduum volunteered to undergo an experimental transformation to become the first of his kind, a horrific transformation granting him strength unlike any known to the eredar at the time.[2] On Argus, more can be seen being created at the Stasis Core.[3]

Warlocks can summon one through the [Summon Demonic Tyrant] ability.





  • Demonic tyrants use the same model skeleton and animations as the male version of [Metamorphosis].