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Convoke the Spirits HS.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Night Fae Covenant
Racial capital Tirna Scithe
Homeworld Ardenweald
A tirnenn in World of Warcraft.

The tirnenn are an enigmatic tree-like race native to Ardenweald. They are the eldest of the Fae Court—quiet, thoughtful, and generally friendly unless outsiders threaten their groves. Although they are slow to action as well as anger, they are terrible to behold in battle as they are capable of shaping the land and flora around their enemies with startling speed.[1] The tirnenn are responsible for much of the maintenance and crafting work in Ardenweald, such as creating root archways by sticking their arms into the soil and forcing roots out of the ground. They are mostly silent, hard-working, and secretive, and remain more in the background than the other, more active Night Fae races.[2]

The tirnenn are somehow related to the great trees of Ardenweald, though they are so old and strange that even other Night Fae do not know exactly how. The tirnenn can hear the trees speak to them in song and melody.[3] They consider themselves kin to the trees, and were among the first to grow when the Winter Queen created Ardenweald, and built the groves.[4] Their home is Tirna Scithe.[5]


  • You nourish me with your presence.
  • Your advent was etched in sunlight.
  • Strong roots do not always run deep.
  • All belong to the cycle.
  • Friends of the forest deserve a greeting.
  • The weald sings. We are its melody.
  • Growth is the nature of all things.
  • Your path is revealed with each step you take.
  • You will grow, you will bloom, and then...
  • This has been an enriching conversation.
  • The cycle continues always.
  • Cultivate your spirit.
  • The weald will be watching.
  • See the colors of the forest. Find their power.
  • Every passing moment is a chance to grow. I am growing impatient.


  • Concept art refers to the tirnenn as Ardenweald tree folk.[6]
  • One of their farewell quotes is a reference to the song "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas.
  • The name "tirnenn" is likely a combination of the Irish phrase tir na (land of) and the suffix -án (can be used to denote a person), for a possible combined meaning of "land's people".
  • Tirnenn are non-binary and use the pronouns "they"/"them".[7] This is not entirely consistent in-game, as Oranomonos the Everbranching is also referred to as "she",[8] and Krrprripripkraak is called both "she"[9] and "he".[10]