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Concept art of a kyrian Ascended
Faction/Affiliation Kyrian Covenant;[1] Forsworn; Mawsworn
Character classes Aspirant, Ascended, Acolyte, Bearer,[2] Disciple, Watcher[2]
Racial leader(s)  Kyrestia the Firstborne
Racial mount IconSmall Larion.gif Larion
Area(s) Bastion, Shadowlands

“A life lived in service, is a life well lived.”

Voitha, Hand of Humility.

The steadfast kyrian (sometimes pluralized as kyrians)[1][3][4][5][6] of Bastion are one of the Covenants in the Shadowlands. They are a race of angelic beings that serve as soul guides[7] whose discipline and duty compels them to safeguard souls from the mortal realm as they pass into the Shadowlands.[2] They are messengers, couriers, and some of the purest souls in the realm of death.[8] They are the forebears of the Val'kyr, the spirit healers, and more.[9]


Those who have lived a life of service are drawn to Bastion to assumed the highest duty of all — carrying the souls to the Shadowlands. Amongst Bastion's gleaming spires and sweeping vistas await challenges to test the mettle of the steadfast kyrians.[10]

The souls sent to Bastion by the Arbiter are ones that have been deemed noble enough[3] and who felt a calling to some form of service in life.[9] The noble kyrian shepherd the souls of the dead to Oribos so that they can be judged by the impassive Arbiter before being sent to their final destinations.[1]

Kyrian Aspirants

Wingless kyrian Aspirants.

The origins of our Aspirants are diverse. but they are united in singular purpose here in Bastion: to prove worthy and Ascend so other souls may be carried by their wings.[11]

Fresh souls who arrive in Bastion are given new physical forms, for which they become wingless Kyrian Aspirants. They spend eons of training, meditating, and reflecting on themselves through combat and other means to shed their burdens.[1][9] Anima-fueled automatons called Centurions are responsible for drilling Aspirants in meditative combat, but originally all kyrians trained fighting against the fauna of Bastion.[12][13] As kyrian shed the burdens of their past lives, physical manifestations of their tormented thoughts are expelled from their bodies. The kyrian must strike these manifestations down in order to cleanse themselves and reach ascendance.[1]

Within the Aspirant's Crucible, Aspirants go through a final rite in the Chamber of First Reflection that lets others know they are ready to begin the Five Rites.[14] This initial rite is called the First Cleansing.[15]

Aspirants venture through five temples and learn their virtues: Purity, Courage, Humility, Wisdom, and Loyalty (now Devotion) in that order.[16][17] This journey known as the Five Rites may encompass eons. When aspirants are ready, they will ascend.[18] Kyrestia awaits aspirants at the end of this long road, for it is she who grants aspirants the gift of flight and charges kyrian with their most sacred task.[19] Aspirants shed their memories at the Temple of Purity,[20] the justification for this being that they must ferry souls without judgment.[21] The memories of other worlds and all kyrians are kept within the Eonian Archives, another name for the Temple of Wisdom,[22][23] where the former are processed upon arrival into Bastion but the memories of kyrians are collected in the Mnemonic Locus, to be observed within the Walk of Recollection.[24][25] The memories of the Archon, Paragons, and Hands are seemingly only viewed in the Vault of the Archon.[26] The Temple of Humility is a center of instruction on the duties of kyrians.[27][28][29] The final step for an aspirant to ascend is to travel to the living world and ferry their first soul.[30] The opening of these portals is done at the Court of Elation's Exaltion Rise, through a ritual that requires lighting four censers of Discipline, Service, Spirit, and Faith.[17]


Archon Kyrestia the Firstborne is the first of the winged kyrian.

It is our Ascended [sic] arms that carry the dead from their mortal forms. Our mission is one to service -- carrying souls to Oribos and placing them before the Arbiter.[31]

The Aspirants who surpass their trials join a higher calling beside Kyrestia the Firstborne, first among the kyrian,[3] earning their wings and joining the ranks of the Ascended.[1] At this point, they become ready for an eternity of service as a spirit healer, or one of a couple of other paths.[8][9] Ascension is done through the Crest of Ascension, originally created with the assistance of the Night Fae[32] and a  [Vessel of Ardenweald], which contains the powers of the Grove of Awakening within an animacone[33][34] through the self-sacrifice of a fae.[35] The new Crest of Ascension was made by Mikanikos[36] using a new vessel,[37] but also the heart of Margrave Gharmal that contains the power of fleshcrafting of the House of Constructs[38][39] and The Seal of Contrition, a venthyr artifact created by Mindscorched Alwin that purged sins from souls quickly but didn't produce much anima.[40][41] New Ascended will now contain not only their traditional power of all five temples[42][43] and the vessel of Ardenweald, but also strength from Maldraxxus and purity from Revendreth. These wings are not impervious however, and other beings such as necromancers from Maldraxxus can use their magic to corrode their wings.[44]


Spirit Healers are true kyrian called Watchers whose role is to eternally evaluate souls. If the Watchers deem the soul ready, they will call forth a kyrian Bearer to come and bring their soul to the Shadowlands. If they aren't ready, the Watchers return them to life.[45]

The Watchers linger at the edge of the Veil and greet mortal souls into the Shadowlands, and are able to weigh that soul by peering into its existence and judge whether it is their time. This burdens the Watcher with that soul's memories, and thus see and know things that weigh heavy in their mind; this role is only for the strong of heart who can endure with the Purpose in mind at all times.[46] The Kyrian will know souls, and their deeds, with a gaze of compassion.[47] If the soul is tethered by a sufficiently powerful force, the Watcher nudges the soul back into the mortal plane or the soul is given over to the force that claims it;[48] this includes returning lich souls to their phylactery, allowing souls to be taken by the Lich King or Val'kyr, and more.[49] It is the Watcher's gaze that determines when a mortal's existence is fated to end.[50]

The Watchers belong to the Temple of Purity.[51]


The Bearers perform the vital task of bearing souls across the Veil to Oribos. They see countless worlds beyond the Shadowlands and encounter beings of all shapes and sizes that will be carried to Oribos to serve the Purpose.[52] The Bearers belong to the Temple of Courage.[51]


Collectors are the Ascended who alongside the Stewards maintain the realm and contribute to all of Bastion's great works. They are responsible for the collection and ordering of anima in Bastion. There are many Collectors, but no two are the same. A Collector may take the form of a Forgelite, led by the steward Forgelite Prime Mikanikos, or perhaps a scholar. They craft armor, furnishings, carve statues, build fantastic works of architecture, and write our many stories and songs. They weave masterful works from anima itself. They are great craftsmen and musicians. A Collector will, over the course of their eternity, dedicate themselves to honing their skill and perfecting the arts of their choice.[53][1] Only they know how to utilize the  [Anima Condenser], the key of the centurions. Collectors are based in the Terrace of the Collectors and the Eternal Forge. The Collectors belong to the Temple of Wisdom.[51]

Paragons and Hands

Each of the five temples is presided over by a Paragon. These ancient beings demonstrate the ultimate expression of their respective virtue and are responsible for the care and training of all aspirants that enter their domain. Each is bolstered by their chosen Hand, selected for their excellence in service to their temple.[54]

Paragons can choose to personally train aspirants if they wish. However, such hands-on work is considered beneath their station and at best, a highly unusual action.[55]


Uther as a Forsworn kyrian.

Determination is the key to inspiring others to follow. Faithless are those who quit the field when the way ahead becomes darkest.[56]

Rarely, an Aspirant will fail to complete a rite of passage and darken into one of the Forsworn, who wander the plains of Bastion to lament and can spread doubt like a disease if left unchecked.[1] Aspirants who fall into doubt, are unwilling to part with their memories, or fail to meet the Archon's standards otherwise and cannot achieve ascension change and have their skin and hair darken from bright azure blue to darker purple. Normally, the Aspirant is able to return to their purified state, but if they cannot, they are exiled from Bastion and the Arbiter judges them again.[57]

Many of the ascended who once served Bastion have become Forsworn and have wholly turned against all that the kyrian stand for.[58]

While kyrian aspirants had to wait patiently during the anima drought for their overdue ascension, the Forsworn have been unafraid to grant their faithful wings.[59]


Even the most sinful souls, who had failed to find redemption in Revendreth and are cast into the Maw for eternity, or were sent there directly by the Arbiter, are transformed into Maw-corrupted kyrian after pledging their allegiance to the Jailer or been forcibly corrupted by the Maw and Helya, thus joining the ranks of the Mawsworn.[60][61][62][63]


Eons ago Agthia, Paragon of Courage led the kyrian to save all of Bastion and the Shadowlands from the Void's attempted invasion of the Shadowlands.[64] Similarly, eons ago the first Paragon of Humility Mercia fell after an invasion of devourers so great that they were forced to retreat to Elysian Hold, and Mercia sacrificed herself.[65][66]

When Odyn gazed into the Shadowlands, he was inspired by the kyrian to create the Val'kyr.[45]

Recent upheaval

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With the Arbiter was put into a slumber, souls begin to plunge into the Maw and an upheaval begins to doom the Shadowlands. Scores of aspiring kyrian find themselves unable to continue their journey to ascension. Their numbers are now dwindling, and their duty to ferry souls to eternity is in jeopardy.[3]

After Bolvar's defeat by Sylvanas and the shattering of the veil between the Shadowlands and Azeroth, Mawsworn kyrian entered Azeroth and took king Anduin and other leaders of Azeroth to the Maw.[67] The Scourge and the Cult of the Damned are emboldened and are made new minions of The Jailer by a message brought by Herald Dalora.[68] Mawsworn Soulbearers raise undead bosses in Icecrown.

A schism is torn in the ranks of the kyrian by The Jailer's schemes. Devos fell into rebellion after being overwhelmed by doubt from Uther's troubling past, she listened to the Jailer's words and is aided in her rebellion by the darkest powers of the Shadowlands. She has the goal of the destruction of the Archon and for the Forsworn to forge a new path for Bastion.[69][70]

The Mawsworn hold Forsworn captive inside Perdition Hold in the Maw, transforming them against their will.[61] Normal kyrian are drowned in Gorgoa: River of Souls by Helya until they break and join the Mawsworn's ranks.[71]




Paragons and Hands

Temple Current Paragon Current Hands
Temple of Purity  Vesiphone <Paragon of Purity>  Eridia <Hand of Purity>
Temple of Humility  Chyrus <Paragon of Humility>  Voitha <Hand of Humility>
Temple of Courage  Xandria <Paragon of Courage>  Artemede <Hand of Courage>
 Apolon <Hand of Courage>
Eonian Archives (Temple of Wisdom)  Thenios <Paragon of Wisdom>  Arios Riftbearer <Hand of Wisdom>
 Mikanikos <Foregelite Prime>
Temple of Devotion (formerly the Temple of Loyalty)  Adrestes <Paragon of Devotion>  Kleia <Hand of Devotion>

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  • Dutus <Paragon of Service>



Forsworn and Mawsworn

Notes and trivia

  • The power of Bastion can summon echoes of kyrian who have perished. These memories wander the roads and at times, can take on some purpose they served in their eternity in Bastion--crafting goods, guarding sacred grounds, etc. Forgelite Selene's lyre can dispel the memories with its ancient melody.[72]
  • It was previously implied that the spirit healers were Val'kyr who split from the Valarjar after Odyn and his forces were imprisoned within the Halls of Valor by Helya, and decided to disappear into the Shadowlands. The few Val'kyr who still had nobility in their souls dedicated themselves to watching over the physical world, and from within the Shadowlands, they would occasionally guide the dead back to the realm of the living.[73]
  • Holy Priests can temporarily become Spirit Healers (and therefore Kyrian) with the [Spirit of Redemption] ability.
  • Kyrian use the female vrykul animation rig.
  • Kyrian themes borrow from various parts of Europe and West Asia, in particular Greek, Sumerian, Norse, and Abrahamic mythos and cultures.



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