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Fungrets are creatures located in Maldraxxus and Ardenweald. Within Maldraxxus, they are primarily found within Glutharn's Decay, and hate the House of Rituals, presumably for imprisoning and killing them.[1][2] In Ardenweald, above ground one can grow Humon'gozz, but within the Underweald below the zone, some fungrets are being corrupted by magic from the Maw and are trying to kidnap Princess Penicilla of the Mushroom Kingdom.[3]



Notes and trivia

  • All Maldraxxus fungrets are red mushrooms, and the deepest part of Glutharn's Decay includes Edible Redcaps, possibly referring to the famous Amanita muscaria mushroom, consumed for its psychoactive effects, but also historically and traditionally used to create poisons that can cause or simulate death through affecting muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.
  • Most Ardenweald fungrets are blue and blue-green mushrooms, of which very few species exist, vast majority of which are safe and edible but some are poisonous, especially in certain environments, such as Lactarius indigo. Some use the red models.
  • Princess Penicilla is named after the penicillin molds Penicillium, Deadly Dapperling is the common name for Lepiota brunneoincarnata, and Humon'gozz is likely a reference to either Armillaria gallica or Armillaria ostoyae, both referred to as "humongous fungus" due to colonies existing as singular organisms, the former on record as 150 sq.m. (180000 sq.yd.) and the latter on record as possibly the largest as 9.6 (3.7 sq.mi.). Deadly Dapperling is, as the name implies, extremely toxic, and both humongous fungus are known to be plant pathogens that are highly invasive to forests (ergo the extremely large size of singular organism colonies). Penicillin molds are antibacterial agents instead, but can also colonize plants.
    • All of these, except penicillin molds, including the namesake of Marasmius and Cortinarius, are of the fungal order Agaricales.

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