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Xavian is a satyr sect located in northeastern Ashenvale, living in the ruins of an ancient Night elf temple, north of Satyrnaar and west of Forest Song. The general Xalan the Feared was killed there by Sentinels and druids led by Shandris Feathermoon and Arvell.[1]

It is one of the three Ashenvale satyr settlements, the other two being Satyrnaar and Night Run. Of the three, Xavian seems to be the center of satyr political power in Ashenvale, as both Prince Raze and Geltharis live here. It is also the site of a dryad attack, and questing adventurers will find the mortally wounded Anilia, who searched for the stolen  [Branch of Cenarius], lying on the ground here. They're using  [Warsong Oil] for their detestable rituals.

Xavian is named after Xavius, one of the night elves responsible for summoning the burning legion through a portal manifested from the Well of Eternity in Zin-Azshari in what became later known as the War of the Ancients. Sargeras transformed Xavius into the first satyr when he became unhappy with his progress with the portal. With as close as Xavian is to Azshara, it's easy to assume that this is why it's named so.

How Terestian Illhoof and the  [Xavian Stiletto], dropped by him in Karazhan, are related to the Xavian is unknown.

During the War of the Thorns, the south of Xavian was a battlefield.[2]



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