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This article is about the voidwalker-like beings. For the dark spirits responsible for the creation of the Old Gods, see void lord. For the warlock minion, see Voidlord (warlock minion). For other uses, see void lord (disambiguation).
Dimensius the All-Devouring, one of the voidlords.

Voidlords[1][2] or void lords[3][4] are a powerful type of void creature. Appearing as gigantic, armor-plated voidwalkers, these fleshless void creatures employ shadow magic, and constantly feed off of magic, souls, and life.[citation needed]  They do have souls themselves.[5][6]

One of the most powerful voidlords is Dimensius the All-Devouring, who conquered K'aresh, the homeworld of the ethereals. Xal'atath states that mortals have only seen "fragments, shadows; the faintest of echoes" of the void lords, and implies that Dimensius is one of these manifestations.[7]

Voidlords are rather difficult to stumble across, but it takes very little persuading to convince one to divulge the name of a rival lord.[2]

Normal mortals who have completely given in to the void can become voidlords. This process is called the Ritual of the Void.[8][9][10]


Name Role Status Location
Mob  Dimensius the All-Devouring Led the invasion of the ethereal homeworld K'aresh Killable Manaforge Ultris, Netherstorm
Mob  Arconus the Insatiable Feeding on the creatures in the caverns beneath Manaforge Ultris Killable Beneath Manaforge Ultris, Netherstorm
Mob  Invalidus Leader of the Void forces marching on Oshu'gun Killable Oshu'gun, Nagrand
Mob  Negaton Warp-Master Unknown Killable Arcatraz
Mob  Omnus Servant of Xhul'horac Killable Felborne Breach, Hellfire Citadel
Boss  Pandemonius Lieutenant of Dimensius Killable Ravaged Crypt, Mana-Tombs
Mob  Void Baron Galaxis Prince of the Void Killable Void Ridge, Hellfire Peninsula
Mob  Voidhunter Yar Unknown Killable Spirit Fields, Nagrand
Boss  Zuramat the Obliterator Prisoner of the Violet Hold Killable Violet Hold