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This article is about the Draenor creatures. For the followers of the Primal Incarnates, see Primalists.
Main leader  Tarlna the Ageless (presumed)
  Formerly  Phylarch the Evergreen
IconSmall Treant.gif Gnarlgar
Race(s) IconSmall Sporemound.gif Sporemound
IconSmall Genesaur.gif Genesaur
IconSmall Botani.gif Botani
IconSmall DraenorAncient.gif Draenor ancients
IconSmall Infested.gifIconSmall InfestedHeavy.gif Infested
IconSmall Mandragora.gif Mandragora
IconSmall Podling.gif Podlings
IconSmall Lasher.gif Lashers
IconSmall Treant.gif Treants
Capital Farahlon
Theater of operations Draenor, mostly Shadowmoon Valley and Gorgrond
Affiliation Independent

Primals are various plant-like beings inhabiting Draenor, whose dominion is life and who intend to transform the entire planet into a lush jungle landscape. They are the children of the Sporemounds: some such as the genesaur fell off the Sporemounds' bodies during their fight with Grond and gained a life of their own, while others such as the botani and podlings arose from spores infused with the Spirit of Life that released from Botaan during its death and fell onto plantlife.[1] They are locked in an eternal war with the Breakers, who seek to transform the entirety of Draenor into a barren desert wasteland.

The genesaur are revered by the lesser Primals as some kind of demigods. One of them has also managed to cross the portal to Azeroth, but met his demise at the hands of Kirin Tor and adventurers.

The Primals found in Ashran's Amphitheater of Annihilation are known as "the Shapers".[2]

After the fall of the draenei and Shattrath City, Kilrogg Deadeye and his followers slaughtered the botani and genesaur in the name of the Horde.[3]


  • Earlier in the expansion's development, the entire Primal family of creatures were called the Shapers.
  • There was an additional Primal race known as the fara, which was cut from the expansion some time during its development.
  • Though the Primals were not created by the Pantheon when they visited Draenor, the  [Will of the Genesaur] is a titan device that can control them.[4][5]
  • Like the Primals, the fungal Zangar encroachment also originates from the Sporemounds. Specifically, from Zang.
  • Decades after the slaughter of the Primals by the Old Horde, the naaru would arrive to Outland and study the planet's old plant life in the Botanica.


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