World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery

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"SoD" redirects here. For the raid, see Sanctum of Domination.
Season of Discovery WoW Classic.png
World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
  Portion of Team 2
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS
  • WW: November 30, 2023
Latest release 1.15.2
Genre(s) Season
Season chronology

Season of Mastery
Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery (abbreviated as SOD) is the second seasonal launch of World of Warcraft: Classic, focused on giving seasoned players the opportunity to find new secrets and shake up the meta by adding additional class options such as warlock and shaman-tanks.


The season launched on 30 November 2023. In order to preserve the sense of discovery, there was no PTR for Season of Discovery.[1]

Here is an unofficial list of content plans:


Phase Instance name Zone Level range Type
Phase 1 Ragefire Chasm Orgrimmar 15-25 Dungeon
The Deadmines Westfall 15-25 Dungeon
Wailing Caverns The Barrens 17-27 Dungeon
Shadowfang Keep Silverpine Forest 22-30 Dungeon
Blackfathom Deeps Ashenvale 25 Raid (10)
Phase 2 Stormwind Stockade Stormwind City 22-32 Dungeon
Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Tirisfal Glades 26-36 Dungeon
Scarlet Monastery Library Tirisfal Glades 29-39 Dungeon
Scarlet Monastery Armory Tirisfal Glades 32-42 Dungeon
Razorfen Kraul The Barrens 32-42 Dungeon
Scarlet Monastery Cathedral Tirisfal Glades 35-45 Dungeon
Razorfen Downs Thousand Needles 37-47 Dungeon
Gnomeregan Dun Morogh 40 Raid (10)
Uldaman The Badlands 42-52 Dungeon
Phase 3 Maraudon Desolace 42-52 Dungeon
Zul'Farrak Tanaris 46-56 Dungeon
Temple of Atal'Hakkar Swamp of Sorrows 50 Raid (20)
Blackrock Depths (first half) Blackrock Mountain 52-60 Dungeon


Narrative changes

After its announcement there was speculation whether or not Season of Discovery existed as a retcon or alternate timeline to the original World of Warcraft: Classic. At a Community Council Q&A there was confirmation that it would be neither: SoD exists with a "found photograph" narrative, that further contextualizes the characters and places from Classic without altering or reframing things in any dramatic fashion.[7]

Among the new quest-related NPCs are:

The new world events are the following:

There are also other sources of world lore, such as the  [Apocryphal Epiphany] questline which adds lore to the Scarlet Monastery and Kyross, or  [Spell Notes: Hot Streak] that tells that a fire elemental was once bound to the forge of Strahnbrad.