Silverpine Forest (Classic)

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For the lore of the zone and its status after the Cataclysm, see Silverpine Forest.
HordeSilverpine Forest
Level: 10 - 20
Skittering Dark.jpg

UndeadUndead Undead
HumanHuman Human
IconSmall Worgen.gif Worgen
IconSmall Gnoll.gif Gnoll

MurlocMurloc Murloc
Major settlements Horde The Sepulcher
Alliance Ambermill (2,000)
AllianceMob Pyrewood Village (560)
Affiliation Forsaken
Location Western Lordaeron

Silverpine Forest, or simply Silverpine, is a vast, ancient wood that runs along Lordaeron's rugged western coast. The land ranges from fairly flat to hilly, and is nestled among even taller mountains. The forest is eerily silent save for the occasional unnatural howling echoing among the trees. Mossy overhangs shiver in the cold breeze, and the trees are all sickly or dying. Dilapidated farmsteads and abandoned mines dot the land, home now to the darker denizens of the woods.

This woodland is haunted and wild, characterized by its tall, silver-barked pines towering over grassy knolls. The Alliance once protected Silverpine Forest when it was verdant and lively. Now the place is shrouded in ghostly mists. Forsaken control the northern forest[1] and constantly clash with the wretched Rot Hide gnolls. What remains of the human population retains control of the southern forest, but they are desperate and their forces thinly stretched. Dalaran sends frequent expeditions into Silverpine to defend these people and study the undead plague and worgen curse — a mysterious affliction that causes its victims to transform into bloodthirsty, lycanthropic worgen when the moon rises.[2]

Gilneas and the Hillsbrad Foothills border the forest to the south, while Tirisfal Glades lays to the north. Lordamere Lake serves as Silverpine's eastern border.[3]

Though the territory belongs to the Forsaken, their claim is disputed by the wizards of Dalaran and agents of the Scourge who have taken possession of some of the ruined fields and steadings. Rothide gnolls operate from the mysterious Fenris Isle, and fiercely attack anyone who dares approach their dealings. In the southwest lays Pyrewood Village, whose people have fallen under archmage Arugal's curse, transforming into bloodthirsty worgen at night-time. Arugal makes his home in the nearby darkened towers of Shadowfang Keep.

Silverpine Forest frequently sees battle, as Alliance forces from Southshore journey to the forsaken woods to attack the Sepulcher or enter Shadowfang. It is the edge of the Forsaken homeland, and the southernmost point where effects of the undead plague can be seen in the plant life.


Silverpine Forest day.jpg
Silverpine Forest at Night

The Alliance once kept Silverpine Forest pristine and beautiful, at a time when the forest resembled the Hinterlands far to the east.

During the Third War, the forest was affected by the plague of undeath. The forces of the Lich King invaded the woods, setting fire to the crops and massacring its people. With Lordaeron destroyed, the wizards of Dalaran busy rebuilding their home and the citizens of Gilneas having locked themselves away behind the Greymane Wall, no one was left to take care of the forest. The plague began to affect the trees, making them pale and lifeless with disease. Since its fall, the forest has become occupied by the Forsaken, minions of Thule Ravenclaw, and the forces of Arugal. Its fate lies in uncertain hands as the opposing factions vie for control of the strategically important woods.

People and Culture

The Forsaken control Northern Silverpine Forest. As undead freed from the Lich King’s control they serve under Sylvanas Windrunner, waging war upon the Scourge in the hopes of destroying it. Some also take exception to the living, and so their list of allies is thin. Forsaken resemble men and women, but their skin is a decayed gray and dead flesh shows in places.

The Forsaken have a special contingent known as the Deathguard, who wander through Silverpine on constant patrol. The Royal Apothecary Society, a Forsaken organization devoted to creating new toxins and alchemical substances, also has a strong presence here. They have concerns with Dalaran's increased interest in the region.

A gnoll band called the Rothides lives here as well. They appear to have been afflicted with the plague of undeath for their fur is gray and patchy, and their eyes yellow, rheumy and sick-looking. Though their origins are unknown, the Rothides and the Forsaken wage a constant guerrilla war against each other.

Not much remains of the humans who inhabit Silverpine, formed of Gilneas' refugees and the wizards of Dalaran. Those who inhabit Pyrewood Village below Shadowfang Keep bear a terrible nocturnal curse, transforming into worgen by moonlight.[4]


Silverpine Forest is a vast, primeval wood that runs along Lordaeron’s rugged western coast. The land is fairly flat, but small hills, mossy overhangs and grassy knolls are common. Razed farms and vacant gold mines dot a land commonly described as "forsaken". Many wild and aggressive creatures roam through the trees.[5]

Silverpine Forest contains no raid dungeons or PvP areas. Shadowfang Keep, the level 18-21 instanced dungeon, can be found here, as well as the former micro dungeon Pyrewood Village. The only travel hub in this area is the Horde-aligned Sepulcher, though there is easy access to the northern regions from the nearby Forsaken capital, the Undercity.

It is possible to cross the Greymane Wall by exploiting the terrain. It is, however, quite empty, containing only a few token trees and hills before becoming flat, untextured landscape completely walled in by mountains.

Maps and subregions

Silverpine Forest map
AmbermillBeren's PerilThe Dawning IslesThe Dead FieldThe Decrepit Ferry
Deep Elem MineFenris IsleFenris KeepThe Greymane WallThe Ivar Patch
Lordamere LakeMalden's OrchardNorth Tide's HollowNorth Tide's Run
Olsen's FarthingPyrewood VillageThe SepulcherShadowfang Keep
The Shining StrandThe Skittering DarkSouth Tide's RunValgan's Field

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

River Arevass (TFT)

Warcraft RPG

Deadhollow (RPG) • Gavel Moch (RPG)


Dungeon Name Level Range Approximate Run Time
Instance portal Shadowfang Keep (Classic) 18-21 20–40 minutes

Elite areas

  • Pyrewood Village: This village is home to a group of humans cursed by Arugal; they are doomed at night to transform into worgen. The creatures are level 13-15 elite. When in human form, the villagers are friendly toward Alliance players, though they are still hostile to the Horde. However, once night falls, the humans transform into worgen and attack both sides indiscriminately.

Getting there

Valgan's Field
From the crossroads outside Undercity, run west following the signs. To pick up the flight path, continue to follow the path into the forest until you see a signposted turn off to the west to the Sepulcher. Alternatively, you can swim across Lordamere Lake from behind Undercity.
From Southshore run north to the main road, then turn left and head all the way into Silverpine Forest.

Travel hubs

The Sepulcher

The only travel hub in Silverpine Forest is the Horde-aligned Sepulcher in the north. Alliance players will have to run in from Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills to the east.

Horde Flight paths from the Sepulcher

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Tirisfal Glades Horde 1-10 North By foot or by flightpath from the Sepulcher to the Undercity
Hillsbrad Foothills Alliance Horde 20-30 Southeast By foot or by flightpath from the Sepulcher to Tarren Mill
Alterac Mountains Alliance Horde 30-40 East By swimming across Lordamere Lake

Notable characters

Malden's Orchard
Main article: Silverpine Forest NPCs

Silverpine Forest is home to several forsaken of note. At the Sepulcher, High Executor Hadrec sends promising young forsaken to investigate the activity of the local Rot Hide gnolls. He is assisted in his efforts by Apothecary Renferrel, who also seeks to concoct a new plague using various animal organs as ingredients. And nearby, the devious Dalar Dawnweaver ponders the presence of the worgen in Silverpine Forest.


Main article: Silverpine Forest quests
See also: Silverpine Forest questing guide

Silverpine Forest quests are exclusively Horde-aligned. They begin at level 10 and run to level 20, though their limited number can make it difficult for undead players to move into the nearby Hillsbrad Foothills, the next zone for Horde in the Eastern Kingdoms. Many cross the sea to the Barrens via zeppelin as a result.

Quests of note in this area include the Arugal quest chain, in which players help Dalar Dawnweaver research the archmage's lupine curse.



Wild creatures

Olsen's Farthing

Warcraft III

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

There is a map in Warcraft III named Silverpine Forest.

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): In Silverpine Forest on Fenris Island, moved a Rot Hide Plague Weaver's spawn point from inside a tree.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.4.0 (2005-04-19):
    • There are no longer fish flying around above the water line in Silverpine Forest.
    • Aggro radius of Bears and Wolves in Silverpine have been reduced.


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