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For the pre-patch 2.0 PvP title, see Alliance  [Knight]. For the Rated Battlegrounds title, see Alliance  [Knight]. For the Warcraft RPG class, see Mounted warrior.

“What ho, fellow knights! Are we fully barded and armored? Then let us thrust ourselves deeply into that which they call adventure!”

Maximillian of Northshire
A knight of the Argent Crusade in Hearthstone.

Knights are traditionally powerful noble horse-mounted warriors. They are usually humans (or raised Forsaken) of the Seven Kingdoms, although other races may have knights as well, such as the elves,[1] dwarves,[2] gnomes,[3] and draenei.[4] They can also be found among the ranks of the Scourge,[5] Twilight's Hammer,[6] and Burning Legion.[7] Protected by heavy plate armor, knights are devoted to the cause of the lords and factions to which they have sworn loyalty. Wading into combat astride their noble warhorses, they are renowned for cutting bloody swathes through enemy ranks.[8]

They appeared as human units in Warcraft I, Warcraft II, and Warcraft III, where they acted as the classic counterpart to raiders and ogres of the Horde.


A knight and his steed on the battlefield.

For centuries the knights have been the bane for many enemies of humanity. These legendary mounted warriors proved to be a decisive factor in many battles; particularly in the Gnoll War and during the Great Wars. Orcs in particular respected and feared them, describing them as "... fiends [who] rode atop beasts of muscle and sinew that crashed through our ranks...". The trusty warhorses have carried their masters to battle since before the First War. They are known for their swiftness and spirited temperaments and are perfectly suited for their heroic riders.[9] When one becomes a knight, they receive the title "Sir" or "Dame" in front of their name. An armored knight on their charger, with their cape flowing, is an icon of respect and honor, and symbolizes the might of the human armies. A lance is a weapon usually carried by knights, which gives them an advantage against enemies that are on foot.[10]

According to Maximillian of Northshire, a knight embraces no tenet more tightly than that of chivalry and gallantry. They cling to their generosity as tightly as they cling to their lance. Their valor shines as brightly as their armor. And while their smallsword may be sharp, their manner among allies is soft and courteous.[11] Knights are assisted by squires who swore an oath of fealty[12] in exchange for their teachings. According to Maximillian, as their "hands are especially good at carrying things", the first duty of a squire is to carry a knight's belongings, since "to lug around such etcetera is a job unbefitting for a knight".[11] Though he had not been born a noble, Tirion Fordring's enthusiasm and honor had earned him the rank of knight at eighteen years old.[13]

The knights and nobles of Lordaeron had the informal tradition of naming their steed by a quality they admired.[14][15] A tradition later taken up by the Knights of the Silver Hand, such as Prince Arthas Menethil's stead named Invincible, or Uther the Lightbringer's stead named Steadfast.

Jousting is a form of mounted melee combat practiced by knights during tournaments, such as the Argent Tournament. With a lance, their objective is to charge and break down their opponent's defenses.[16] Starting as training aspirants to hone their mounted combat skills,[17] they can compete and represent their nation when they achieve the rank of valiant. Although a valiant's battles are not a formal part of the competition, they are a spirited lot, competing amongst themselves for honor and notoriety.[18] Once they have overcome all the challenges, they earn the title of champion and can compete for the grand championship, with the assistance of a squire carrying the banner of their nation.[19]

Knights errant[20] (or knights-errant)[21] are wandering knights without masters or factions. Following their code of honor, they traveled the land seeking opportunities to perform acts of heroism, defend the weak, uphold justice, and win glory in combat.

Paladins (often referred to as "Holy Knights")[22][23][24][25] are powerful warriors with the ability to wield the Light. Educated on the protocols of politics and knighthood,[26] the knights of the Order of the Silver Hand devote themselves as diligently to combat training as much as they do to their daily prayers, honoring their battle skills in order to best defend the weak and the innocent.[27] Paladins may also have the title of "Sir" or "Lady", either retaining it from their original knighthood, or by integrating the ranks of the Silver Hand, like Sir Thomas Thomson who originally came from a peasant family.[28] The Blood Knights are an order of blood elven paladins in Quel'Thalas,[29] whose members are referred to as bloodknights or simply knights.[30]

Death knights are also called "knights" without necessarily having been one during their lifetime.[31] The Knights of the Ebon Blade are an order of death knights freed from the grip of the Lich King.

Knighthood of Stormwind

During the Gnoll War and the Gurubashi War, King Barathen Wrynn charged into the fray twice, each time followed by his personal guards. Half of the knights died during the first conflict but were ultimately victorious, while the king died on the field of battle during the second one.[32][33]

Brotherhood of the Horse

WCOnH logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

Main articles: Knight (Warcraft I), Brotherhood of the Horse

During the First War, the Kingdom of Stormwind was served by an order called the Brotherhood of the Horse (also known as the "Knights of Azeroth" or the "Knights of Stormwind").

These knights were the fighting elite in King Llane's service. Using the difficult skills required for mounted combat, these warriors wielded huge maces in order to crush their opponent's skulls. Their warhorses made them fast and deadly, as they could maneuver much more quickly than an unmounted foe. Knights were well respected throughout the realm, and the tales of their fighting prowess were known far and wide.[34] In some cases, small units of human knights were able to bring down entire orc raiding parties without any casualties.[35] The most notable member of the Brotherhood was Anduin Lothar, who became a knight and rose to the position of Armsman.[36]

Assembled from the corpses of the Knights of Stormwind slain in the last battles of the First War, the death knights were created by Gul'dan to replace the slaughtered Warlock clans. These abominations were then instilled with the ethereal essence of the Shadow Council, now serving the Horde in a blasphemous state of eternal undeath.[37]

Modern times

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Within the military ranks of the Stormwind Army, and the modern Alliance forces as a whole, the ranks of Knight-Champion, Knight-Captain, Knight-Lieutenant and Knight are considered those of officers and in charge of commanding the lower echelons.[38] In recent years, Stormwind Knights have been deployed on numerous fronts across Azeroth, but also to protect Stormwind City during attacks. Some are also members of the Stormwind Royal Guard, an elite unit that serves as the personal guards of the House of Wrynn, the ruling dynasty of the kingdom.

Knighthood of Lordaeron

Knight of Lordaeron in Warcraft II.

Prior to the Troll Wars, the forces of Lordain's tribe were said to have been knightly in appearance and mindset even before joining the Empire of Arathor.[39]

Second War

WC2-BnetE-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

Main articles: Knight (Warcraft II), Knights of the Silver Hand

The knights of Lordaeron represented the fiercest fighting force in the armies of the Alliance. Protected by suits of heavy armor, they carried mighty warhammers with which to crush all who would threaten the freedom of their lands. Astride great warhorses, these honorable and just warriors served as a symbol of order to the peoples of Lordaeron in these dark and chaotic times. Having learned of the fate the Knights of Azeroth suffered after the First War, they had sworn to both avenge their fallen brethren and free their homelands from the grip of the Orcish Hordes.[40]

During the Second War, the paladin order formed was the Order of the Silver Hand. Its holy knights were only the greatest virtue among the knighthood of Lordaeron,[41] and were tutored in the ways of the Light.

During the course of the conflict, the Alliance effectively countered the ogres of the Horde with mounted knights, a strategy that served them well throughout the war.[42]

During the course of Thrall's liberation of the orcs from internment camps, a group of knights was serving Aedelas Blackmoore and protecting the camps. When the New Horde attacked Hammerfall, a knight managed to critically wound Orgrim Doomhammer. The knights eventually fought in the final battle for Durnholde Keep, but they were defeated and the liberation of the remaining camps became much easier.[43]

Third War

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

Main article: Knight (Warcraft III)

Though the hearty knights of Azeroth were destroyed during the First War, the shining knights of Lordaeron still continue to serve amongst the warriors of the Alliance. Wading into combat astride their noble warhorses, the knights are renowned for cutting bloody swathes through enemy ranks. The knights' speed and mobility mark them as some of the most versatile warriors of the Alliance.[8]

Most of these knights were killed and raised by the Scourge during the Scourging of Lordaeron. Several of them kept the armor they died in, twisted by the same magic that raised them.[44]

Other known knighthoods

See also: Knights of the Silver HandKnights of the Ebon BladeBlood Knights

Notable knights

For a list of all known knights, see Category:Knights.
Anduin Lothar, Knight Champion of Stormwind.
Name Role(s) Affiliation(s) Status
Alliance IconSmall Lothar.gif Anduin Lothar Supreme Commander of the Alliance, Knight Champion of Stormwind. Brotherhood of the Horse, Kingdom of Stormwind Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Uther.gif Uther the Lightbringer The first of the paladins, Supreme Commander of the Silver Hand. Knights of the Silver Hand, Kingdom of Lordaeron Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Gavinrad.gif Gavinrad Founding member of the Silver Hand, Knight of Stormwind. Brotherhood of the Horse, Kingdom of Stormwind Alive
Alliance IconSmall Garithos.gif Othmar Garithos Grand Marshal and leader of the Alliance resistance. Alliance resistance, Kingdom of Lordaeron Deceased
Alliance IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Cyrus Crestfall Retired Knight of Kul Tiras, Harbormaster of Boralus. House Proudmoore, Admiralty of Kul Tiras Alive
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Reginald Windsor Marshal and legendary knight of Stormwind. Stormwind Army, Kingdom of Stormwind Deceased
Mob IconSmall Human Male.gif The Black Knight Agent of the Lich King during the Argent Tournament. Cult of the Damned, Scourge Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Rhodes Knight-Captain of the 7th Legion in Stormheim. 7th Legion, Alliance Alive
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Morgan Ladimore Knight of Grand Hamlet and a fellow of Uther the Lightbringer. Silver Hand, Kingdom of Stormwind Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Wrenn Knight-Captain leading troops in Stromgarde Keep. Stromgarde army, Kingdom of Stromgarde Alive
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Karramyn Langston Second and protégé of Aedelas Blackmoore. Durnholde military, Alliance of Lordaeron Unknown
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Maximillian of Northshire Deluded knight, Champion of the Silver Hand. Knights of the Silver Hand, Kingdom of Stormwind Alive
Neutral IconSmall Human Male.gif Thomas Thomson The Headless Horseman, formerly Knight of the Silver Hand. Independent (formerly Kingdom of Lordaeron) Deceased
Alliance IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Moonstrike Knight-Lieutenant in the Champions' Hall of Stormwind City. Darnassus, Kingdom of Stormwind Unknown
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Zunade Knight-Defender of the Hand of Argus at Blood Watch. Defenders of Blood Watch, Hand of Argus Alive
Horde IconSmall Forsaken Male.gif Maurizio Deaththrill Knight overseeing the spread of pestilence at Anglepoint Wharf. Forsaken, Horde Killable
Neutral IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Alonso Knight Errant in pursuit of a "dragon" in Ashenvale. Independent Alive
Neutral IconSmall Human Male.gif Duncan Pike Icon-RPG.png Knight on a mission to deliver orders in the Swamp of Sorrows. Independent Alive
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Rufus Montaine Icon-RPG.png Teacher of Thrall, Knight of the House Proudmoore. House Proudmoore, Admiralty of Kul Tiras Deceased

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Typical Knight in the Alliance Player's Guide.

This proud young man carries himself as if he were the lord of the battlefield. Resplendent in his (probably hereditary) armor, he spends much of his time testing the balance of his lance and speaking with his horse.

Human and high elf mounted warriors are called knights.[56][57] Aside from champions, the knight is the warrior elite of humanity, especially of the Alliance, the best of the normal troops and thus among the most feared. They typically form ranks and charge, which causes a devastating effect on the battlefield. Knights line up for a coordinated charge, using their mounts' mobility to give them an advantage or to overrun an enemy's line so they may trample their opponents.[58]

The famed knights of Stromgarde are used as shock troops to support these warriors especially against ogre and Syndicate forces.[59]




Warcraft III

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