Patch 3.0.3

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Patch 3.0.3
“Wrath of the Lich King”
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Release date November 4, 2008
Initial version 9183
Interface .toc 30000 (changes)
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Patch 3.0.3 was released on November 4, 2008 and contains minor bug fixes and balance adjustments in preparation for the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion release on November 13, 2008.


  • Removed  [A Mask for All Occasions] as criteria for the  [Hallowed Be Thy Name] meta achievement.
  • [Replenishment]: Players below level 50 can now benefit from this effect.
  • Resilience: The damage reduction component of resilience has been increased from 2 times the critical strike chance reduction to 2.2 times the critical strike chance reduction. In addition, the maximum damage reduction to a critical strike from resilience has been increased from 30% to 33%.


  • [Blood Fury]: No longer triggers global cooldown.
  • [Shadowmeld]: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break.


  • Druid talents points have been refunded. Players will need to visit a class trainer to relearn spells and abilities.
  • The [Swift Flight Form] is now available on the trainer at level 71, requiring 300 riding skill, and [Flight Form] learned.
  • [Bash]: The interrupt from this ability will now work on targets who are immune to the stun.
  • [Berserk]: Now clears the cooldown on [Mangle (Bear)].
  • [Earth and Moon] and [Moonfury] (Balance) reduced from 5 ranks each to 3 ranks each.
  • [Eclipse]: Buff duration extended to 15 sec and bonuses doubled. The cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds.
  • [Growl]: Cooldown changed to 8 sec.
  • [Insect Swarm]: Tooltip corrected to indicate it does not affect hit chance with spells.
  • [Nature's Swiftness]: This ability will no longer give chances to trigger Omen of Clarity.
  • [Omen of Clarity]: Will no longer be triggered by the Honorless Target buff gained when entering the world.
  • [Survival Instincts] will no longer be on the Global Cooldown.
  • [Swiftmend]: now benefits correctly from [Genesis] talent.
  • [Tiger's Fury]: Ranks 5 and 6 have had their damage bonus decreased.







  • [Bloodthirst]: Percentage of damage from attack power raised from 45% to 50%.
  • [Flurry]: Now grants the proper number of charges when it triggers.
  • Improved Fire Nova Totem: Increases the damage done by your [Fire Nova Totem] by 10/20% and your Fire Nova totem has a 50/100% chance to stun all targets damaged by your Fire nova Totem for 2 sec.
  • [Lava Burst]: The base damage has been increased by approx. 10%.
  • [Maelstrom Weapon]: Tooltips corrected to correctly describe the chance for this talent to be triggered.
  • [Riptide]: The initial heal amount has been increased on ranks 3 and 4 and periodic healing has been increased on all ranks.
  • [Stormstrike]: Other shamans can no longer consume charges of your Stormstrike, and each shaman can have their own stormstrike on the victim.
  • Storm Reach is now called " [Elemental Reach]" and now includes Lava Burst.
  • [Thunderstorm]: Mana gain has been increased to 8%.
  • [Tidal Mastery]: Now correctly applies its critical strike bonus to [Earth Shield].
  • [Tidal Waves] will now also proc with [Riptide].


  • The epic ground mount is now available on the trainer at level 61, requiring 150 riding skill, and the non-epic mount learned.
  • [Demonic Sacrifice]: The buffs from this ability will now be retained properly when logging out or zoning.
  • [Demonic Empowerment]: This talent no longer gives excessive threat to the Warlock's Voidwalker.
  • [Demonic Tactics]: Increased the critical strike bonus for both the Warlock and pet.
  • [Destructive Reach]: Now properly reduces threat on [Chaos Bolt] and [Shadowflame].
  • [Drain Soul]: Rank 6 now properly deals additional damage to targets below 25% health.
  • [Emberstorm]: Increased the fire damage bonus.
  • [Haunt]: The cooldown has been changed to 8 sec down from 10 seconds, and refreshing the Haunt will trigger the heal from the existing Haunt. This ability will no longer heal for incorrect amounts or fail to heal when the Haunt damage was the killing blow.
  • [Inferno]: The Infernal is now usable indoors and the tooltip has been updated.
  • [Master Demonologist] (Felhunter) will now also reduce damage taken by Holy.
  • [Ritual of Doom]: Now works correctly even when the Warlock already has a pet (dismissed the existing pet.)
  • [Shadowflame]: Damaged increased approx. 75%. Coefficients unchanged.
  • [Shadow Embrace]: Now works on ranks 1-4 and stacks properly with multiple applications.
  • [Shadow Mastery]: Increased the shadow damage bonus
  • [Soul Link] (Demonology): Increased from 15% to 20%.


  • [Armored to the Teeth]: Grants only attack power (as intended) and recalculates the bonus immediately upon learning any rank of the talent.
  • [Bladestorm]: Now breaks all snares and roots on the warrior when activated.
  • [Bloodthirst]: Cooldown reduced to 5 sec. Percentage of damage from attack power raised from 45% to 50%.
  • [Deep Wounds]: Now works properly with Heroic Throw.
  • [Heroic Throw]: No longer gains increased damage from the warrior's agility.
  • [Improved Rend] changed to 10/20%.
  • [Rampage]: Can now be triggered by off-hand Whirlwind damage.
  • [Rend]: Damage has been adjusted to be less base and more weapon based.
  • Rend: Ranks 9 and 10 now do 35% more damage when the target is above 75% health instead of 4 times damage when the target is enraged.
  • [Sudden Death]: Now has 3/6/9% chance on hit instead of 10/20/30% chance on crit.
  • [Titan's Grip]: Changed to 5% penalty.
  • [Vigilance]: Now properly transfers threat generated by heals.


  • The level requirements required to train gathering skills have been removed.



User Interface

  • For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros forum.


Bug Fixes