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“Rest and relaxation for the tired and cold -- that's our motto! Please, take a seat by the fire and rest your weary bones.”

Innkeeper Farley

An inn is generally any establishment with an innkeeper that may serve as a binding point for hearthstones. In a broader sense, inns often contain many more defining amenities including drink and food vendors, stable masters, mailboxes, trainers, and quest givers, among others.

Most settlements on Azeroth and beyond contain an inn or tavern, and the more developed of these will have their own separate buildings for this purpose. An inn will generally act as a rest area with some form of sleeping arrangement (bed, hammock, alcove, etc.) though this may vary greatly by location and culture. Additionally, inns normally have their own atmospheric music and Blizzard has published these songs in an album: Taverns of Azeroth.

These establishments can be distinguished from bars and taverns by the presence of an innkeeper and the availability of lodgings as opposed to just consumables; many establishments may act as both inns and taverns, or either one separately.

Design and variation of inns

Inns come in a variety of styles and layouts. Generally, each race or culture has its own distinctive inn layout. For example, night elven inns tend to be large, spacious, and wooden. Inns, along with all other assets, also develop and change as new expansions are released.

In the original World of Warcraft, inns were aesthetically comfortable, welcoming places, while the inns of The Burning Crusade often seemed poorly equipped and bare by comparison, with some not even having a proper chair let alone a bed. This was in keeping with the theme of the expansion and the desolate world of Outland. In Wrath of the Lich King, happily, there were some newly-designed and large luxurious inns, a welcoming return to the feel of the original game. By the time of Cataclysm, the old inns of Azeroth once again became those of the expansion, while in Mists of Pandaria, entirely new structures and styles based around pandaren culture were introduced.

Named establishments

Icon-time.svg This section contains information that is out-of-date. Reason: Legion & BfA

Alliance Alliance Alliance

Capital cities
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Trade District, Stormwind City The Gilded Rose IconSmall Human Female.gif Innkeeper Allison
Old Town, Stormwind City Pig and Whistle IconSmall Human Male.gif Reese Langston
Mage Quarter, Stormwind City The Blue Recluse IconSmall Human Male.gif Steven Lohan
Dwarven District, Stormwind City The Golden Keg IconSmall Dwarf Female.gif Thaegra Tillstone
Craftsmen's Terrace, Darnassus Darnassus inn IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Innkeeper Saelienne
Seat of the Naaru, Exodar Caregiver Center IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Caregiver Breel
The Commons, Ironforge Stonefire Tavern IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Innkeeper Firebrew
Eastern Kingdoms
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Goldshire, Elwynn Forest Lion's Pride Inn IconSmall Human Male.gif Innkeeper Farley
Darkshire, Duskwood Scarlet Raven Tavern IconSmall Human Male.gif Tavernkeep Smitts
Kharanos, Dun Morogh Thunderbrew Distillery IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Innkeeper Belm
Thelsamar, Loch Modan Stoutlager Inn IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Innkeeper Hearthstove
Farstrider's Lodge, Loch Modan Farstrider's Lodge IconSmall HighElf Female.gif Vyrin Swiftwind
Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains Lakeshire Inn IconSmall Human Female.gif Innkeeper Brianna
Menethil Harbor, Wetlands Deepwater Tavern IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Innkeeper Helbrek
Aerie Peak, the Hinterlands Wildhammer Keep IconSmall Wildhammer Male.gif Innkeeper Thulfram
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Windshear Hold, Stonetalon Mountains Fallowmere Inn IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Alithia Fallowmere
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra Valiant Rest IconSmall Human Male.gif James Deacon
Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord Westguard Inn IconSmall Human Female.gif Innkeeper Celeste Goodhutch
Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills Amberpine Lodge IconSmall Human Female.gif Jennifer Bell
Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown Silver Covenant Pavilion IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Caris Sunlance
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Shrine of Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms The Golden Lantern IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Matron Vi Vinh
Alternate Draenor
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Stormshield, Ashran Hero's Rest Inn IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Jaesia Rosecheer
Lunarfall, Shadowmoon Valley Lunarfall Inn
Elodor, Shadowmoon Valley The Silken Pillow IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Nethene
Embaari Village, Shadowmoon Valley Lamplighter Inn IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Coriander
The Draakorium, Shadowmoon Valley The Crescent Hearth IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Melphaar
Lion's Watch, Tanaan Jungle Lion's Den IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Shima Islebreeze
Location Inn name Innkeeper
The Silver Enclave, Dalaran A Hero's Welcome IconSmall HighElf Female.gif Isirami Fairwind
IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Caliel Brightwillow
Kul Tiras
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Mariner's Row, Boralus The Curious Octopus IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Jaela Billman
Tradewinds Market, Boralus Snug Harbor Inn IconSmall Human Male.gif Wesley Rockhold
Arom's Stand, Drustvar Northwood Home IconSmall Human Male.gif Owen Northwood
Falconhurst, Drustvar Falcon's Roost IconSmall Human Female.gif Alisha Darkwater
Brennadam, Stormsong Valley The Golden Flagon IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif "Nasty" Buck
Millstone Hamlet, Stormsong Valley Netley Inn IconSmall Human Female.gif Carol Netley
Hatherford, Tiragarde Sound Tide's Inn IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Dandy Jones
Vigil Hill, Tiragarde Sound Stealthy Vagrant IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Gordon Fine
Bridgeport, Tiragarde Sound Shelter Storm Inn IconSmall Human Female.gif Lidia Plank
Norwington Estate, Tiragarde Sound Norwington Inn IconSmall Human Male.gif Terry Rigglesmith
Freehold, Tiragarde Sound Dead Man's Tale IconSmall Human Female.gif Jill McHoonigan

Horde Horde Horde

Capital cities
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar The Broken Tusk IconSmall Orc Female.gif Innkeeper Gryshka
Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar The Wyvern's Tail IconSmall Orc Female.gif Innkeeper Nufa
Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar Miwana's Longhouse IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Miwana
The Trade Quarter, Undercity The Inn IconSmall Undead Male.gif Innkeeper Norman
The Royal Exchange, Silvermoon City Silvermoon City Inn IconSmall BloodElf Female.gif Innkeeper Velandra
The Bazaar, Silvermoon City Wayfarer's Rest IconSmall BloodElf Female.gif Innkeeper Jovia
Eastern Kingdoms
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Brill, Tirisfal Glades Gallow's End Tavern IconSmall Undead Female.gif Innkeeper Renee
The Filthy Animal, the main Horde inn of Dalaran.
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord Vengeance Landing Inn IconSmall Undead Male.gif Timothy Holland
New Agamand, Howling Fjord New Agamand Inn IconSmall Undead Male.gif Basil Osgood
Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown Sunreaver Pavilion IconSmall BloodElf Male.gif Jarin Dawnglow
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Shrine of Two Moons, Vale of Eternal Blossoms Summer's Rest IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Madam Vee Luo
Alternate Draenor
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Vol'mar, Tanaan Jungle Vol'mar Hold IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Retho Quillmane
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Sunreaver's Sanctuary, Dalaran The Filthy Animal IconSmall Mag'har Female.gif Uda the Beast
IconSmall Mag'har Female.gif Abohba
Kul Tiras
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Plunder Harbor, Tiragarde Sound Maiden's Lament IconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Innkeeper Petrai
Location Inn name Innkeeper
The Zocalo, Dazar'alor Hot House IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Rosie the Hitmon
The Zocalo, Dazar'alor Atal'Jani IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Rakle the Wretched
Zo'bal Ruins, Nazmir Wayshrine of the Fallen IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Ru'ka
Whistlebloom Oasis, Vol'dun Goldtusk Inn IconSmall Zandalari Male.gif Rhan'ka

Neutral Neutral Neutral

Eastern Kingdoms
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale Salty Sailor Tavern IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Nixxrax Fillamug
Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands Light's Hope Chapel IconSmall Human Female.gif Jessica Chambers
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Caverns of Time, Tanaris Tavern of Time IconSmall Human Male.gif Alexston Chrome
Ratchet, the Barrens Broken Keel Tavern IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Innkeeper Wiley
Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge, Thousand Needles Speedbarge Bar IconSmall Human Female.gif Daisy
Cenarion Hold, Silithus The Oasis Inn IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Calandrath
Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal Nordrassil Inn IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Sebelia
Schnottz's Landing, Uldum Schnottz's Hostel Inv misc book 05.png Arcane Guest Registry
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Aldor Rise, Shattrath City Aldor Inn (Aldor only) IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Minalei
Scryer's Tier, Shattrath City Scryer Inn (Scryers only) IconSmall BloodElf Male.gif Roldemar
The Dancing Serpent, one of many inns and taverns in Pandaria.
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Dawn's Blossom, Jade Forest The Drunken Hozen IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Peiji Goldendraft
IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Lin Windfur
Greenstone Village, Jade Forest Greenstone Inn IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Graceful Swan
Jade Temple Grounds, Jade Forest The Dancing Serpent IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Fela Woodear
Tian Monastery, Jade Forest Paur's Pub IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Bolo the Elder
Sri-La Village, Jade Forest Sri-La Inn IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Lana the Sea Breeze
Pang's Stead, Valley of the Four Winds Thunderfoot Inn IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Nan Thunderfoot
Halfhill, Valley of the Four Winds The Lazy Turnip IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Innkeeper Lei Lan
Stoneplow, Valley of the Four Winds Stone Mug Tavern IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Nan the Mason Mug
Zhu's Watch, Krasarang Wilds Wilds' Edge Inn IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Rude Sho
Marista, Krasarang Wilds Marista's Bait & Brew IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Cranfur the Noodler
The Spring Road, The Veiled Stair Tavern in the Mists IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Tong the Fixer
Binan Village, Kun-Lai Summit Binan Brew & Stew IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Puli the Even Handed
The Grummle Bazaar, Kun-Lai Summit The Two Fisted Brew IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Li Goldendraft
One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit The Lucky Traveller IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Chiyo Mistpaw
Zouchin Village, Kun-Lai Summit North Wind Tavern IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Liu Ze
Soggy's Gamble, Dread Wastes The Chum Bucket IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif San the Sea Calmer
Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms The Golden Rose IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Bartender Tomro
Alternate Draenor
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Pinchwhistle Gearworks, Spires of Arak The Rusty Cylinder IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Corbix Chaching
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Runeweaver Square, Dalaran Legerdemain Lounge IconSmall Human Male.gif Ajay Green
Underbelly, Dalaran Cantrips & Crows Tavern IconSmall Human Female.gif Amisi Azuregaze
IconSmall Human Female.gif Afsaneh Asrar
Wandering Isle

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Location Inn name Innkeeper
Mandori Village, Wandering Isle The Laughing Crane (Monks only) IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Lao Ma Liang
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Lao Shu
Broken Isles
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Lorlathil, Val'sharah The Traveler's Den IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Feonir Cloudthistle
Sabermaw Bluff, Val'sharah Wileywisp Den IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Gerdes the Drowsy
Thunder Totem, Highmountain Hammer's Cradle IconSmall Highmountain Female.gif Ernu Mesawind
Skyhorn, Highmountain Tradewind Roost IconSmall Highmountain Male.gif Harum Grayfeather
Suramar City, Suramar The Waning Crescent IconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Maribeth
Location Inn name Innkeeper
Grand Bazaar, Dazar'alor The Hozen Throne IconSmall Hozen.gif Gluk-Gluk

Warcraft III

A tavern as it appears in Warcraft III.
Main article: Tavern (Warcraft III)

In Warcraft III, a tavern/inn was a place from which neutral heroes were hired and could be revived instantly for a price.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Poor accommodations at an inn amount to a place on the floor near the hearth, plus the use of a blanket. Common accommodations are a place on a raised, heated floor, the use of a blanket and a pillow, and the presence of a higher class of company. Good accommodations are a small, private room with one bed, some amenities and a covered chamber pot in the corner.[1]

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