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For the specific mob, see Mad Scientist.
Mad scientist from Maldraxxus.

While "mad scientists", often referred as doctors, can come in any race and certainly are not exclusive to the Forsaken, Scourge, or Necrolords, the undead do have their own specific kind of mad scientist, typically male forsaken alchemists who utilizes their on own strain of chemicals from tanks strapped to their backs. While some work with Sylvanas Windrunner to create an even deadlier plague, several are in the employ of the Lich King or the Shadow Council. Maldraxxi mad scientists are mainly found among the ranks of the House of Constructs.




Notes and trivia

  • Please note that mad scientists are not a race or creature type, but merely a design used to show more prominent undead scientists and doctors.
  • Their sound files are named "MadScientist"[1] and for the Maldraxxus type files are named "MadScientist2".[2]
  • The model name seems to be proven as correct as the general name by the Mad Scientist mob.
  • There are undead gnome Plague Scientists found in the Plagueworks of Icecrown Citadel.