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Faction/Affiliation Scourge, Independent
Character classes Warrior, Sorcerer
Racial capital Icecrown Citadel
Homeworld Azeroth

The vargul are a type of undead vrykul. They have been raised into a lesser form of undeath because they were not found worthy by the Lich King.[1] They are the losers of the challenge to "ascend" at Jotunheim, while the winners became one of the Ymirjar, the elite warrior caste created by King Ymiron in service of the Lich King.[2][3] They are changed by Val'kyr after their failure.

Unlike other undead, they appear to retain some level of intelligence, and consequently many resent their fate. Thus the major difference between vargul and lesser undead minions is that vargul still possess enough of their minds to despise being used for labor. Never will a vargul be pleased to be working aside skeletons or ghouls.[4]

Except for the undead vrykul, the blighthounds and plaguetalons count among their ranks.

The Fleshrot vargul are encountered during the Island Expeditions.



Notes and trivia

  • Some individuals that use the vargul model seem to have ranking positions in the Scourge. It is unknown what this means for what a vargul is. Some undead vrykul may just be rotting.
  • Flesh giants can be constructed from the pieces of vargul.[5]
  • The name for Vargul may be inspired from the Norse myths of "vargulf" (warg-wolves) or possibly Warhammer Varghulf, albeit in name-only as they are neither werewolves nor vampires, or possibly a derived invention of varg-ghoul.