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Necrolord Covenant

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"Necrolord" redirects here. For the necromantic occupation, see necrolord (occupation). For the race, see Maldraxxi.
NecrolordNecrolord Covenant
Necrolord sigil.png
Main leader IconSmall Primus.gif The Primus
Secondary leaders

The Margraves



IconSmall Kyrian Male.gifIconSmall Kyrian Female.gif Kyrian
IconSmall Steward.gif Steward
Capital Seat of the Primus
Other major settlements House of the Chosen, House of Constructs, House of Plagues, House of Rituals
Theater of operations Maldraxxus, Shadowlands
Sub-group(s) Undying Army, House of the Chosen, House of Eyes, House of Plagues, House of Constructs, House of Rituals
Affiliation Independent, Pantheon of Death
Status Active

The warlike necrolords of Maldraxxus, also called the Maldraxxi, are one of the Covenants in the Shadowlands. They forge the undead armies that serve as the first line of defense for the Shadowlands and honor those who seek power and glory in battle. All Necrolords receive a portion of the Primus' power in order to carry out their duty.[1]

Warlike souls who never yield or bow—and are willing to strive against one another for greatness—will find a home in Maldraxxus. While Maldraxxus is home to wicked beings like necromancers and abominations, not everyone here is evil. The Necrolords welcome all who are mighty and driven, such as the indomitable Warlord Draka.[2] They follow the creed of "survival of the fittest".[3]


Necrotic soldiers who wage war throughout the cosmos.

In the skull-and-bone laboratories of Maldraxxus, strength is rewarded, and weakness cast aside. Necromancers experiment on the souls of the ambitious and contentious, reforming only the greatest into undead soldiers who protect the Shadowlands. Those who are determined rise to positions of power. The less-promising become fuel for Maldraxxus’ malign weapons.

Maldraxxus’ brutal selection process has built a vast and capable militia… but its hierarchy is wobbling. The longtime leader of the realm has vanished. In his absence, five of the most eminent necrolords vie for the position, and the responsibility to advance the cause of death throughout the cosmos. Each bids on newly-arrived souls, filling their personal guard with capable soldiers and building armies larger than any yet known.

When they march, will it be towards one another… or the realms they swore to defend?[4]

Among the necrolords, strength is rewarded and weakness cast aside. The souls of the ambitious and contentious are forged into an immortal army charged with the defense of the Shadowlands.[5]

As the forces of Maldraxxus are the defenders of the Shadowlands, they are often brought into conflict with external entities such as demons, naaru and elementals.[6] Their agents might even travel to the mortal plane, as was the case when Draka had to spy on the Burning Legion.

Covenant's abilities

If you choose to join the Necrolord Covenant, you'll gain two abilities tailored to the theme of the Covenant. The first of these is the Covenant's signature ability, which is available to all Covenant members regardless of class, race, or specialization. The second of these abilities is specific to your class, and gives you a new spell or power to use in combat.

Signature Ability
Name Description
[Fleshcraft] Form a shield of flesh and bone that prevents damage equal to a portion of your maximum health. Standing near the corpse of a defeated enemy when the ability is cast will create a larger shield.
Class-specific Ability
Class Name Description
Death knight [Abomination Limb] Sprout an additional limb for 12 sec. Every 1 sec, it deals (22.5% of Attack power) Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and pulls an enemy to your location if they are further than 8 yds from you.
Demon hunter [Fodder to the Flame] Commission a duel to the death against a Condemned Demon from the Theater of Pain. Vanquishing your foe releases its demon soul and creates a pool of demon blood that lasts for 30 sec. Fighting within the pool increases your attack speed by 20% and reduces the damage that enemies deal to you by 10%. Fleshcraft treats the Condemned Demon as a powerful enemy.
Druid [Adaptive Swarm] Command a swarm that heals (240% of Spell power) or deals (150% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 12 sec to a target, and increases the effectiveness of your periodic effects on them by 20%. Upon expiration, jumps to a target within 25 yards, alternating between friend and foe up to 3 times.
Hunter [Death Chakram] Throw a deadly chakram at your current target that will rapidly deal (50% of Attack power) Shadow damage 7 times, bouncing to other targets if they are nearby. Each time the chakram deals damage, its damage is increased by 15% and you generate 3 Focus.
Mage [Deathborne] Transform into a powerful skeletal mage for 20 sec. While in the form of a skeletal mage, your [Frostbolt], [Fireball], and [Arcane Blast] hit up to 2 enemies near your target and your spell damage is increased by 10%.
Monk [Bonedust Brew] Hurl a brew created from the bones of your enemies at the ground, coating all targets struck for 10 sec. Your abilities have a 15% chance to affect the target a second time at 25% effectiveness as Shadow damage or healing.
Paladin [Vanquisher's Hammer] Throws a hammer at your target dealing (80% of Spell power) Shadow damage, and empowering your next '
Priest [Unholy Nova] An explosion of dark energy heals allies within 15 yds for (150% of Spell power) and infects enemies with Unholy Transfusion.
Unholy Transfusion deals (200% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 15 sec. Allies who damage this target are healed for (12% of Spell power).
Rogue [Serrated Bone Spike] Embed a bone spike in the target, dealing (60% of Attack power) Bleed damage every 3 sec until they die. Deals (60% of Attack power) damage and generates 1 Combo Point per active bone spike. Refunds 1 charge when target dies or is healed to full. Awards 1 combo point.
Shaman [Primordial Wave] Blast your target with a Primordial Wave, dealing (65% of Spell power + 65% of Attack power) Shadow damage and apply Flame Shock to an enemy, or <heal an ally for (65% of Spell power + 65% of Attack power) and apply Riptide to them / heal an ally for (65% of Spell power + 65% of Attack power)>. Your next < [Lava Burst], [Lightning Bolt], or [Healing Wave]> will also hit all targets affected by your < [Flame Shock] / [Riptide]>.
Warlock [Decimating Bolt] Hurl bolts of decimating magic at your target, dealing (4 * (50% of Spell power)) Shadow damage and increasing the damage of your next Incinerates / Drain Souls / Shadow Bolts> by 200%. Decimating Bolt's damage, and the bonus to <Incinerate / Drain Soul / Shadow Bolt> both increase as your target's health decreases.
Warrior [Conqueror's Banner] Brandish the banner of the Necrolords for 2 min, increasing your movement speed by 10% and causing < [Mortal Strike] / [Raging Blow] / [Shield Slam]> to grant you Glory. Killing an enemy grants 2 stacks of Glory. Reactivating this ability plants the banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum health and 50% attack speed to you and 4 allies within 15 yds of the banner. Lasts 2 sec per Glory, up to 30 sec.

Sanctum Upgrades

Transportation Network

Anima Conductor

Command Table

Sanctum Feature: Abominable Stitching

Notes and trivia

  • The necrolords have been translated as "lords/masters of death" in other languages, or putting "necro-" before the language's most proximal contextual "lord" equivalent (e.g. Spanish necroseñores).


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