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The In-Between as seen when traveling from Oribos.

The In-Between is a miasma of energies that separates and surrounds the realms of the Shadowlands,[1] a place that can be entered through rifts.[2] It is vast, but far from empty. It is inhabited by both wondrous and terrifying beings and is said to hold many secrets, but it is a chaotic place that few can navigate[1] and fewer have ever explored. The In-Between is presumed to be the home realm of the devourers.[3] There are several lost land masses in this place,[4] such as Korthia before it was pulled into the Maw,[5] along with various broker cities such as Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, most of which are hidden and change location on a whim.[6] The In-Between was once rich with streams of anima connecting the different realms of Death, but the current anima drought has caused the realms to become cut off from one another.[7]

Players are sent through the In-Between on anima wyrms when they take flight paths between the different realms. In addition, the visuals displayed while a player is dead in the Shadowlands are meant to give the feeling that the character is half tethered to their body and half traveling through the In-Between.[8]



Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Tazavesh, the Veiled Market 60 5 player Unknown


  • Unlike the Twisting Nether in Outland and the various seas of Azeroth and Draenor, the In-Between is only visited on flight paths and has no General Chat associated with it.
  • While traveling on flight paths through the In-Between, the player moves at varying velocities. At its peak, the player moves at 4316% movement speed, making it one of the fastest transports in the game.
  • The devourer rifts to the In-Between visually resemble the portals inside Spirit Obelisks.
  • The In-Between skybox seen during N [60WQ] AHHH! Real Monsters! is identical to the Void skybox seen while affected by the Witness the Past buff during quests at Agthia's Repose. In addition, the ice effect covering the borders of the screen during the former quest is the same as when fighting the Orphaned Memory during N [60WQ] A Crisis of Memory.
  • Flying to the In-Between in the main zones gives the player the Lost to the In-Between debuff and displays the following message:
The In-Between claws at your soul.


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