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Not to be confused with Shath'kar.
Shath'Yar writing on a Banner of the Black Empire.
Shath'Yar writing on a Black Empire Obelisk.

Shath'Yar is the language of the Old Gods[1] and their n'raqi and aqiri minions. It can be spoken by shadow priests in [Voidform][1] and users of  [N'lyeth, Sliver of N'Zoth]. If you kept the true gift [Gift of N'Zoth] or used a  [Violet Truffle], you'll be able to understand it.

Shath'Yar primer

This is a list of Shath'Yar phrases and words, for which the translations have been officially confirmed by Blizzard.

  • Aglathrax hig' thrixa. = I reside within your lungs![2]
  • Ak'agthshi ma uhnish, ak'uq shg'cul vwahuhn! H'iwn iggksh Phquathi gag OOU KAAXTH SHUUL! = Our numbers are endless, our power beyond reckoning! All who oppose the Destroyer will DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS![3]
  • An'qoth = Vessel.[4]
  • AN'zig wgah qam za zyqtahg... = G'huun will not be stopped...[5]
  • Al'ksh syq iir awan? Iilth sythn aqev... aqev... aqev... = Is this real or an illusion? You are going mad... mad... mad...[6]
  • Bwixki amala zal qulllll.. = I will await you... in the dark...[2]
  • En'othk uulg'shuul. Mh'za uulwi skshgn kar. = There is no light after death. Only a place where even shadows fear to go.[6]
  • Ez, Shuul'wah! Sk'woth'gl yu'gaz yog'ghyl ilfah! = O, Deathwing! Your faithful servant has failed you![3]
  • Fssh qam ak'agathShi Fssh qam h'iwn = They are redemption. They are truth.[7]
  • Gag vwah gag yyqzz ez hoz shAth'yar plahf = You will all drown in the lightless abyss.[7]
  • Gag yoh'ghyl og hoq uul'gwa gag Ez yyqzz huqth = You struggle at the surface... but He waits below.[7]
  • Gul'kafh an'shel. Yoq'al shn ky ywaq nuul. = Gaze into the void. It is the perpetuity in which they dwell.[8][9]
  • Gul'kafh an'qov N'Zoth. = Gaze into the heart of N'Zoth.[10]
  • H'iwn zaix Shuul'wah, PHQUATHI! = All praise Deathwing, THE DESTROYER![3]
  • H'thon thyzz Agth ma iiqaath zuq wgah puul uhn'agth yrr zuq wgah uulg'ma = Errant flesh! When it awakens, you will know eternity, and you will tremble![11]
  • Hoq aN'qov huqth erh'ongg thoq shanDai h'lwn = The sunken realm welcomes your yawning souls.[12]
  • Hul bala miz rilakich... = How is this... possible...[13]
  • I ongg za ywaq qvsakf. = I feed on your terror![14]
  • I wgah far'al zuq ni shn! = I will reduce you to ash![5]
  • Iilth ma paf'qi'ag sk'halahs. GAZ SKSHGN! = You are a prisoner in your own body. A SERVANT OF FEAR![6]
  • Ilith qi'uothk shn'ma yeh'glu Shath'Yar! H'IWN IILTH! = You will drown in the blood of the Old Gods! ALL OF YOU![3]
  • Iilth qi mah'shar fhn oorql N'Zoth! = You will be the first of many to glimpse the madness of N'Zoth![6]
  • Iilth vwah, uhn'agth fhssh za. = Where one falls, many shall take its place.[8][9]
  • Il'zarq N'Zoth phgwa an'zig. Il'zarq taag ov'kadaq. = The voice of N'Zoth whispers from the deeps. It sings of unspeakable horrors.[6]
  • Kulaq w'ajj, hwa-ksh brraglac! = Tremble now, for the slumberer awakens![15]
  • KYTH ag'xig yyg'far IIQAATH ONGG! = SEE how we pour from the CURSED EARTH![3]
  • Log'loth w'oq Ongg! = Children, come and feed![14]
  • Mg'uulwi N'Zoth, eth'razzqi worg zz oou. = In the writhing shadow of N'Zoth, all light fades and dies.[6]
  • N'Zoth ga zyqtahg iilth. = The will of N'Zoth corrupts you.[10]
  • N'Zoth iiyoq raz'tal'vsak! IIYOQ NEL'OTHK AR'AFGH! = The will of N'Zoth is made manifest! IT CANNOT BE CONTAINED![6]
  • Naza bul rexil qalic ul'. = Not a single worthy trait among you.[13]
  • Og h'iwn Og vormos Hoq sshoq'meg thoq wotH'gl = No light. No escape. The forgotten king returns.[12]
  • Oou gul'kafh lal lwhuk! = The outbreak has begun![14]
  • Oou thyzz lal ak'uq qwaz Zuq shkul ma sk'tek... = The contagion... has taken root within you...[14]
  • Oou vwahuHn ag'xig shfk zuq! = The titans cannot save you![14]
  • Oou wgah yyqZz uhnish guu'lal Qwor wgah za kaaxth = The deep one's prison weakens. None will be spared![16]
  • Oou zuq agthu qwor arwi = The key... turns once more.[11]
  • Poq'yith mazzka awan ki uhnish'philfgsh. = The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky.[6]
  • Puul qi'plahf ni oou bormax! = Give yourself to the plague![5]
  • Qam oou iilth ez i awtgsshu amun on'ma! = Let the feast of a thousand maws begin.[14]
  • Shath'mag vwyq shu et'agthu, Shath'mag sshk ye! Ag'rr hazz ak'yel ksh ga'halahs pahg! = The Black Empire once ruled this pitiful world, and it will do so again! We will reforge our dread citadels atop the fly-blown corpse of this kingdom![6]
  • Shath'mag vwyq shu et'agthu, Shath'mag sshk ye! Krz'ek fhn'z agash zz maqdahl or'kaaxth'ma amqa! = The Black Empire once ruled this pitiful world, and it will do so again! Your pitiful kind will know only despair and sorrow for a hundred thousand millennia to come![6]
  • Shgla'yos plahf mh'naus. = They who dine on lost souls know only hunger.[8]
  • Shkul an'zig qvsakf KSSH'GA, ag'THYZAK agthu! = From its BLEAKEST DEPTHS, we RECLAIM this world![3]
  • Shuul og i agthu yrr sk'uuyat uulwi ma oou sshoq'met ez nuq far'al I zz nuq al'tha Ssaggh ni za an'zig yrr puul ywaq gul'kafh = There is a great and terrible truth at the beginning of all things. I am its herald. Listen to my sermon, and know your infinite inconsequence.[11]
  • Skitsh qi'uthik illith! = Beneath the tides, your truth awaits.[2]
  • Sk'magg yawifk hoq. = Your suffering strengthens me.[10]
  • Sk'shgn eqnizz hoq. = Your fear drives me.[10]
  • Sk'shuul agth vorzz N'Zoth naggwa'fssh. = Your deaths shall sing of N'Zoth's unending glory.[10]
  • Sk'tek agth nuq N'Zoth yyqzz. = Your skulls shall adorn N'Zoth's writhing throne.[10]
  • Sk'uuyat guulphg hoq. = Your agony sustains me.[10]
  • Sk'yahf agth huqth N'Zoth qornaus. = Your souls shall sate N'Zoth's endless hunger.[10]
  • Sk'yahf qi'magg luk sshoq anagg'qen. = Your soul will wander roads that twist in endless spirals.[6]
  • Sk'yahf qi'plahf PH'MAGG! = Your soul will know ENDLESS TORMENT![3]
  • Ug' crish zul Thraxas! = You will be eradicated![13]
  • Ugalazul bwrxil' qu rax. = Darkness roots. Pestilence spreads. The doorway is open.[2]
  • Ul basha krix. = I am superior![13]
  • ULL vera skish!! = You are mine![2]
  • Uovssh thyzz... qwaz... = To have waited so long... for this...[10]
  • Uulg'ma zyqtahg yrr! = Xalzaix hungers for annihilation.[5]
  • UULL lwhuk H'IWN! = The DARKNESS devours ALL![3]
  • Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh. = The shadow of my corpse will choke this land for all eternity.[17]
  • Vwah oou kaaxth zz ywaq iiyoq Ag'xig fhssh I on'ma. = Feel the twitch in your spine? That is where I exist.[14]
  • Vwyq agth sshoq'meg N'Zoth vra zz shfk qwor ga'halahs agthu. Uulg'ma, ag qam. = Once more shall the twisted flesh-banners of N'Zoth chitter and howl above the fly-blown corpse of this world. After millennia, we have returned.[10]
  • W'oq uhn'agth ez qam Shandai! = Come, servants of rot. Consume![14]
  • Xith wgah! = Extermination![5]
  • Xul krass qi' UN skush! = Blood pours forth in the depths.[2]
  • Y'za noq mah... Y'za noq ormz... = I am not the first... I am not the last...[6]
  • Yeh'glu N'Zoth okom hoq... Y'za sythn oou... = The blood of N'Zoth runs through me... I cannot die...[6]
  • Yu'gaz = Fluffy[18]
  • Ywaq ma fvlolf ksht aak vrbl! Shn aglf olbl'nyral! = They are the howlers in the dark! The madness without end![15]
  • Ywaq ma phgwa'cul hnakf. = They are the whisper on the shivering wind.[8][10]
  • Ywaq maq oou; ywaq maq ssaggh. Ywaq ma shg'fhn. = They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle.[8][9]
  • Ywaq mh'naus wgah zaix zygtahg. = Your screams will echo forever![14]
  • Ywaq mwual'gyos gag prfakt sjabba zuq... = They are the shadow that feasts on life...[15]
  • Ywaq ongg an'qov i lal halahs nuq. = Your husk serves a new master now.[14]
  • Ywaq puul skshgn: on'ma yeh'glu zuq. = They drink your fear: it is the blood of life.[8]
  • Za awtgsshu wgah uulg'ma ywaq zaix. = My whispers will liquefy your mind.[14]
  • Za uul og nuq i fssh zz oou iiyoq ez oou gul'kafh anagg = My fall is but a beat in the heart of the infinite abyss.[12]
  • Zzof Shuul'wah. Thoq fssh N'Zoth! = Victory for Deathwing. For the glory of N'Zoth![10]
  • Zuq ag'xig bormaz ag'thyzak! = You cannot escape infection![14]
  • Zuq agth kyth ongg oou uovssh Nuq zuq lwhuk qi'uothk far'al aq zaix hnakf lal = You have seen into the beyond. Now you shall perceive things as they truly are.[11]
  • Zuq wgah qam n'lyeth! = You will not survive![5]
  • Ak yar qi'lwhuk h'iwn. = Our gods will devour all. [19]
  • Y'za qam yyqzz... = I return to the writhing throne.[19]
  • Uq naggwa... = Power unrelenting...[19]
  • Ma sk'magg ni arwi Ma zzof ag ez uulwi = The eye sees all! His greatness... his glory! [20]
  • Oou oou ryiu nuq Yrr par'okoth yrr vorzz = We slumber no more! We rise... as he rises![20]
  • (Missing) = You cannot stop the whispers![20]

Untranslated words or phrases

  • "Al'golath mal shal'nel"[21]
  • "Al'tha, Al'tha bormaz. Ni bormaz ta'thall?"[22]
  • "Athu'gag magg'naggwa. Qor'naus'agth lwhuk. Lilth gag'huqth'hoq."[23]
  • "Bal'qwari Og Shadar."[24]
  • "Bo'al lal arwi C'toth."[22]
  • "F'lakh ghet!"[25]
  • "F'tagh nah'hat! I'mmathan! Sha'lub nahab! Sha'lub nahab!"[26]
  • "Gillari, geth'shar. Gillari, teko'shar."[24]
  • "H'thon marwol qualar."[22]
  • "Immalanath, yasoth nalarub!!!"[26]
  • "Log'loth og shandai"[27]
  • "Mar'kowa tallol ye'tarin."[22]
  • "Pwhn'guul i ghawl'fwata ryiu wgah uul'gwan h'iwn guu'lal."[28]
  • "Shethnoth, ol'goth, grell."[24]
  • "Shur'nab... shur'nab... Yogg-Saron!"[29]
  • "Thoth'al amun Ree'thael vormos! Vormos! Vormos!"[22]
  • "Tulall par'okoth. Far'al, ka'kar."[22]
  • "Uhn'agh Fash"[30]
  • "Uulwi gag erh'ongg w'ssh/w'ssht."[30][31] Note the similarity to "Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh".
  • "Xal'atoh" - An axe created by Garrosh Hellscream using the Heart of Y'Shaarj. Note the similarity to "Xal'atath".
  • "Yrr n'lyeth... shuul anagg!"[32]
  • "Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula."[33]

Speculative Shath'Yar-English dictionary

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The following list is made by cross-referencing the in-game quotes mentioned above and their English translations. Shath'Yar and English cannot be effectively translated verbatim and match up.

    • "okom" = run through, flow through[6]
    • "ongg" = earth,[3] land[17]
    • "oou" = die[3][6][8]
    • "ormz" = last[6]
    • "pahg" = kingdom[6]
    • "Phquathi" = the Destroyer[3]
    • "plahf" = know[3][8]
    • "puul" = drink[8]
    • "qam" = return[10]
    • "qi'" = a prefix denoting future tense[3]
    • "qor" = endless[10]
    • "qov" = heart[10]
    • "qwaz" = this[10]
    • "shath" = old[3] or black[6]
    • "Shath'gral" = Old Ones[6]
    • "Shath'mag" = Black Empire[6]
    • "Shath'Yar" = Old Gods[3] or Old Gods' servants[34]
    • "shel" = void[8]
    • "shg" = outside[8]
    • "shuul" = death(s)[3][6]
    • "Shuul'wah" = Deathwing[3]
    • "shgn" = fear[6][10]
    • "skshgn" = fear[6][8]
    • "sk" (prefix) = your
    • "ssaggh" = live[8]
    • "sythn" = cannot; (are) going, becoming[6]
    • "tek" = skull(s)[10]
    • "thoq" = for[10]
    • "thyzak" = reclaim[3]
    • "thyzz" = long[10]
    • "Uhn'agh" = darkest[30]
    • "uhn" = many[8]
    • "uhnish" = endless[3]
    • "uq" = power[3]
    • "uulg" = after[6][10]
    • "uull" = darkness[3]
    • "uulwi" = shadow[17]

Notes and trivia

  • The Tortollan Seekers are able to at least recognize, if not understand, Shath'Yar, and even have scrolls written in that language, as Lashk mentions.
  • The language is inspired by R'lyehian, the language of the Great Old Ones of H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The most well-known text in that language is the chant sung by Cthulhu's cultists in the short story The Call of Cthulhu: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn (translated as In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu lies dreaming). Features that Shath'Yar shares with R'lyehian are long consonant clusters, near impossible to pronounce (meant to represent the alien vocal apparati of the beings that speak these languages), and (although it is definitely not a usual thing on Azeroth) frequent use of apostrophes.
    • This means that, unlike many languages in the universe, Shath'Yar has no real-life inspiration, although it features some real-life influences by proxy (e.g. C'Thun was named after Cthulhu, whose name, in turn, was inspired by the Greek word khthon and the name of the Akkadian god Kululu).
  • Much like the language by which it is inspired, the grammar of Shath'Yar appears to be quite different from English, especially when it comes to articles (more specifically, the lack thereof) and auxiliary verbs, so a word-for-word translation would result in what appears to be broken English, e.g. "They not die; they not live. They outside cycle."
  • Before "Shath'Yar" was revealed as the official name of the language spoken by the faceless ones, it was referred to as "faceless" among the fanbase.


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