The Twilight Apocrypha

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The book awaits...

The Twilight Apocrypha is a heavy book bound in flesh, written in a pictographic language and undecipherable. However, when the hero finds it near a portal at the bottom of Gar'gol's Hovel in Mount Hyjal, there are notes and translations tucked within several pages.

The hero uses four elemental crucibles near the Apocrypha to control the  [Eye of Twilight] at the entrance of the cave. A Twilight's Hammer cultist called The Manipulator comes through the portal to find who is interfering with the eye just as the hero finishes the ritual of control.

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The language of the Apocrypha - pictographic and scrawled in rust-colored ink - is undecipherable, but one passage has been translated to modern text:

In the beginning was shadow eternal.
Hate blazed forth, and FIRE was born.
Wounds scabbed, and so begat EARTH.
Cries of anguish birthed howling WIND.
Wherein the skies wept seas of TEARS.
We live in the shadow.
The world we know.
Built of rage, hurt, anguish and sorrow.

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