Warlord Zon'ozz

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BossWarlord Zon'ozz
Image of Warlord Zon'ozz
Race C'Thrax (Aberration)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) N'Zoth
Occupation Lieutenant of N'Zoth
Location Maw of Go'rath, Dragon Soul
Status Killable
Warlord Zon'ozz

Warlord Zon'ozz is the second boss (or third if Yor'sahj the Unsleeping is killed first) to appear in the Dragon Soul raid.[1]

World first heroic kill on 25-man achieved 6.12.2011 by Blood Legion - US-Illidan.

Adventure Guide

Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon'ozz and his soldiers waged endless war against the forces of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Millennia have passed, but the warlord still serves the chaotic might of the Old God N'Zoth. Deathwing has now unleashed this legendary faceless one to crush the defenders of Wyrmrest Temple.


Warlord Zon'ozz will enrage after 6 minutes of being engaged, except when under the Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png Focused Anger — Warlord Zon'ozz increasingly focuses his anger and rage, increasing his Physical damage done by 10% and his attack speed by 10% Heroic Difficulty In Heroic Difficult,each stack increase Physical damage done by 20% and attack speed 5%. This effect stacks.
  • Ability rogue shadowstep.png Psychic Drain Tank Alert — Warlord Zon'ozz channels a wave of psychic force in a 30-degree cone in front of the himself, dealing 120000[note 1] Shadow damage and leeching life for 10 times the amount of damage dealt.
  • Spell shadow shadowfury.png Disrupting Shadows Magic Effect — Warlord Zon'ozz covers random players with Disrupting Shadows. The effect inflicts 36099[note 2] Shadow damage every 2 seconds. The shadows also deal 60,100 Shadow damage and knockback the targeted player if the effect is dispelled.

Void of the Unmaking Important — Warlord Zon'ozz summons a Void of the Unmaking. This void travels forward until it encounters a soul to absorb.

    • Inv misc volatileshadow.png Void Diffusion Important — When the Void collides with a player it diffuses, inflicting 180000[note 3] Shadow damage split evenly between nearby players. The force of this diffusion causes the void to ricochet in the opposite direction, and the absorbed souls increases the damage the Void inflicts by 20% per diffusion.
    • Ability vehicle oiljets.png Black Blood Eruption Important — If the Void of Unmaking reaches the outer edges of the Maw of Go'rath, it will spark a violent reaction. This eruption deals 60,000[note 4] Shadow damage to all targets within the maw, knocking them into the air
  • Zon'ozz Diffused — When the Void collides with Warlord Zon'ozz, it inflicts a distracting shock to him. The Void Diffusion increases the damage Zon'ozz takes by 5% for every time the Void of the Unmaking bounces between players. This collision enrages Warlord Zon'ozz, causing him to awaken the Mouth of Go'rath and lose his Focused Anger.
  • Ability rogue slaughterfromtheshadows.png Black Blood of Go'rath — Warlord Zon'ozz inflicts 14,099[note 5] Shadow damage every 1 second to all players for 30 sec. Heroic Difficulty In Heroic Difficulty each tentacles of Go'rath inflicts 3795[note 6] Shadow damage every 2 seconds to all nearby enemies. The damage is multiplied by the number of tentacles alive.

Heroic Difficulty In Heroic Difficulty, the awakening of the Maw of Go'rath causes many different types of tentacles to emerge and attack the players.

  • Eye of Go'rath
    • Inv misc eye 02.png Shadow Gaze — The Eye of Go'rath casts its Shadowy Gaze at a random player, inflicting 28,000[note 7] Shadow damage.
  • Claw of Go'rath Tank Alert Heroic Difficulty
    • Ability vehicle oiljets.png Ooze Spit Tank Alert Heroic Difficulty — When not tanked the Claw of Go'rath spits ooze at a random target, inflicting 100,000 Shadow damage to the target and any allies within 4 yards.
  • Flail of Go'rath Heroic Difficulty
    • Spell shadow focusedpower.png Wild Flail Heroic Difficulty — The Flail of Go'rath whips about wildly, inflicting 14,725-16,275[note 8] Physical damage and knocking back nearby units within 15 yards.
    • Ability vehicle oiljets.png Sludge Spew Heroic Difficulty — The Flail of Go'rath spews sludge at a random player, inflicting 22,837-24,009[note 9] Shadow damage.
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Separate into one squad of melee and one squad of ranged. These two squads will be responsible for preventing the Void of the Unmaking from hitting the walls (or the boss prematurely).

Phase 1

At the pull, the tank should face the boss toward ranged DPS. The boss will spawn the Void of the Unmaking in front, so facing him towards ranged causes it to spawn near ranged. Immediately after this happens, the tank should rotate the boss to face him away from the raid, because a Psychic Drain will soon blast any players (hopefully just the tank) in a cone in front of the boss.

Disrupting Shadows should always be dispelled, but carefully. The victim must have enough health to survive the 60000 damage, and any other raid damage going on. The knockback caused by the dispel could throw players into the Void at an inopportune time.

While the Void is active, the raid should strive to make it bounce between ranged and melee. The Void should always be bounced by a team, since the damage is divided among nearby players, making the healing much less desperate. The more times it bounces, the more damage it does each time it collides with a player. When the collision damage is high enough to make the healers anxious, the tank should kite the boss into the path and melee should get out of the way and let the void strike the boss.

The Psychic Drain starts out as a moderately dangerous, but survivable, attack. As the boss stacks Focused Anger the Psychic Drain becomes more and more damaging until it can one-shot the tank. To cope with this, the tank must use a defensive cooldown in anticipation of the blast. Most squads trigger a black phase after the second Psychic Drain and before the third, so the tank should be ready to activate some cooldown before the second Psychic Drain at approximately 2 minute intervals.

Phase 2

When the Void collides with Zon'ozz, the boss loses his stacks of Focused Anger, and suffers a debuff which increases the damage he suffers from player attacks. Unfortunately, it also activates a variety of tentacles which attack the raid.

The raid should pile up to do AoE heals while the multitude of tentacles zap the raid. It common for each black phase to be mitigated by using one healer's cooldown. Druids use [Tranquility] ; Priests use [Divine Hymn] ; Paladins use [Aura Mastery] combined with [Resistance Aura] ; Shaman use [Spirit Link Totem].

30 seconds after Zon'ozz is struck by the Void the battle will return to phase 1. Zon'ozz will generate another Void, so the tank should face him toward ranged DPS in anticipation. Once the void is spawned, point the boss away from raid to minimize the damage from Psychic Drain.

Repeat until the boss dies.


The only major difference in Phase 1 is that when Disrupting Shadows is dispelled, the dispel effect (shadow damage and knockback) will not only happen to the targeted player, but to all players within 10 yards of the targeted player. Disrupting Shadows can therefore only be safely dispelled if the player is far away from other raid members; often, this will not be able to safely happen, and healers will simply have to heal through it.

Phase 2 is significantly changed. The tentacles which attack the raid become attackable; additionally, the Black Blood of Go'rath debuff deals damage based on stacks, which are only reduced when a tentacle is destroyed. Killing the tentacles therefore becomes a high priority for the raid.

The following table details the tentacle spawns:

10-man 25-man
Claw of Go'rath 1 2
Flail of Go'rath 2 4
Eye of Go'rath 5 8

The tank will need to need to move to the Claw, as it does massive raid-wide damage if not tanked. In 25-player mode, a plate wearer or feral druid in bear form should handle the second Claw -- it does not melee hard, so these players should be able to survive it.

Melee should burn the Flails down, as they spawn close to Zon'ozz and the Claw. Once the Flails are down, they should move to the Claw. Classes that can cleave or perform splash damage are at an advantage as they can spread damage to Zon'ozz (who would have followed the tank to the Claw).

The Eyes spawn on the edges of the room, and these are best handled by ranged to reduce travel times and allow more effective group healing. Shadow Gaze can be interrupted, but there is no cast bar for it, which makes interrupting difficult. In 25-player mode, ranged should also kill the second Claw.

If any tentacles are still alive when Phase 2 ends, ranged should quickly finish them off while melee focuses on Zon'ozz.

If the raid ends up taking the fight to a fourth Phase 2, they should ignore all tentacles and blow all cooldowns to bring Zon'ozz down before the enrage timer runs out.


Warlord Zon'ozz's drops

Item Type
Caster wand
Caster cloth belt
Agility leather belt
Spirit mail bracers
Tank plate bracers
Strength plate boots
Healer trinket
Armor token (Normal and Heroic only)
Armor token (Normal and Heroic only)
Armor token (Normal and Heroic only)

Shared drops

Item Type
Strength ring
Tank ring
Caster DPS ring
Agility ring
Spirit ring
Strength trinket
Caster DPS trinket
Tank trinket
Agility trinket
Healer trinket
 [Chest of the Corrupted Conqueror] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Chest of the Corrupted Protector] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Chest of the Corrupted Vanquisher] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Crown of the Corrupted Conqueror] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Crown of the Corrupted Protector] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Crown of the Corrupted Vanquisher] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Conqueror] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Protector] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Vanquisher] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Leggings of the Corrupted Conqueror] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Leggings of the Corrupted Protector] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Leggings of the Corrupted Vanquisher] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Shoulders of the Corrupted Conqueror] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Shoulders of the Corrupted Protector] Armor token (Raid Finder only)
 [Shoulders of the Corrupted Vanquisher] Armor token (Raid Finder only)

Related achievements


  • Vwyq agth sshoq'meg N'Zoth vra zz shfk qwor ga'halahs agthu. Uulg'ma, ag qam.
Once more shall the twisted flesh-banners of N'Zoth chitter and howl above the fly-blown corpse of this world. After millennia, we have returned.
  • Zzof Shuul'wah. Thoq fssh N'Zoth!
Victory for Deathwing. For the glory of N'Zoth!
Disrupting Shadows
  • Sk'shgn eqnizz hoq.
Your fear drives me.
  • Sk'magg yawifk hoq.
Your suffering strengthens me.
  • Sk'uuyat guulphg hoq.
Your agony sustains me.
Black Blood of Go'rath
  • N'Zoth ga zyqtahg iilth.
The will of N'Zoth corrupts you.
Void of the Unmaking
  • Gul'kafh an'qov N'Zoth.
Gaze into the heart of N'Zoth.
Killing a player
  • Sk'tek agth nuq N'Zoth yyqzz.
Your skulls shall adorn N'Zoth's writhing throne.
  • Sk'shuul agth vorzz N'Zoth naggwa'fssh.
Your deaths shall sing of N'Zoth's unending glory.
  • Sk'yahf agth huqth N'Zoth qornaus.
Your souls shall sate N'Zoth's endless hunger.
  • Uovssh thyzz... qwaz...
To have waited so long... for this...


10-man Normal

10-man Heroic

25-man Normal

25-man Heroic

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