Druid of the Nightmare

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A Druid of the Nightmare is a variant class of druid. Not all druids revere the Emerald Dream. A few rare and twisted individuals channel the Nightmare, a rent in the perfection of the Emerald Dream. Most of these druids of the Nightmare were once normal druids who inadvertently came in contact with the Nightmare (often while dreamwalking) and fell under its insidious influence. However, an increasing number of people have become druids of the Nightmare through their own volition. Whereas traditional druids seek a communion with nature, druids of the Nightmare become increasingly divorced from the natural order. Druids of the Nightmare transform into vermin such as monstrous scorpions or monstrous spiders instead of the animals other druids choose. Most of their abilities involve corrupting or destroying nature or warping the minds and bodies of others. At some point, the druid of the Nightmare is fully removed from nature; instead of aging as others, they develop random and unusual features (such as scales or tentacles) as they advance in years.[1]

Druids of the Fang

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The Druids of the Fang found in the Wailing Caverns may be related to this class.