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This article is about the nightborne withered. For the creatures in the RPG, see withered creature.
Faction/Affiliation Independent, The Nightfallen
Character classes Arcanist, Berserker, Seer
Racial leader(s)  Thalyssra
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Suramar, Azsuna

The withered (or Withered) are nightfallen who could not find sources of arcane to feed their starvation and fell into a mindless, feral withered state. Withered are considered beyond redemption and there is no cure yet to their state. They are not only consumed by a burning thirst for the Nightwell but are tormented by their former memories, truly a fate worse than death.[1] One of the final symptoms just before turning is that the nightfallen will lose their eyesight.[2] It is surprising that the withered don't try to eat their own clothing when it contains innate power.[3]

Some withered in Azsuna capture blue dragonflight's whelplings, knock them unconscious, and drink their mana.[4]

Though they are physically similar to the wretched blood elves, they are fundamentally different. The transformation into wretched is due to over-indulgence and reckless abuse of arcane magic, whereas withered are a result of withdrawal from the energies of the Nightwell.[5]

During the Nightfallen rebellion, withered that joined Thalyssra were trained and made fel-resistant.



Name Location Status
 Arcanist Kel'danath Ambervale Suramar Killable
 Theryn Shal'Aran; Nighthold Alive
 Valakar the Thirsty Azsuna Killable
 Oreth the Vile Suramar Killable
 Shal'an Suramar Killable
 Runas the Shamed Azsuna Unknown
 Lyndras Lyndras' Exile, Azsuna Deceased
 Sho'hallan Suramar Killable


Notes and trivia

  • Withered don't have the characteristic upward pointing ears as nightborne but have ears that are the same shape as the ears on night elves.
  • The withered 3D skeleton is the same as the vargul.
  • Their early placeholder model was that of the Pale orc.