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Naga brute

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For the mob, see Naga Brute.
Naga brute
Blackscale Brute HS.jpg
A naga brute in Hearthstone.
Faction/Affiliation Nazjatar Empire, Old Gods' forces, Illidari[1]
Racial capital Nazjatar
Fel Hammer
Racial leader(s)  Queen Azshara (Nazjatar)
 Lady S'theno (Illidari)
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Nazja, Darnassian, Common
A naga brute in World of Warcraft.

Naga brutes[2][3] (also known as behemoths[4] and hulks)[5] are huge, mutated naga used as heavy fighters and even as siege weapons by the naga army. Some have rank, while some act more like mere beasts. No explanation for their origins have been given.

It is known that naga brutes have the ability to speak, such as many Sashj'tar naga brutes in Azuregale Bay in Suramar. One, in particular, is Har'kess the Insatiable.

Archmage Khadgar, aside from calling them "brutes", also referred to them as "bruisers".[6]





Naga brute concept art.
  • Concept art (see right) of naga brutes shows that they were originally envisioned to more closely resemble regular naga before being changed to have legs, shorter tails, and multiple additional eyes.


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