Utgarde Keep

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For the instance, see Utgarde Keep (instance).
MobUtgarde Keep
Leader(s) Unknown
  Formerly  King Ymiron
 Ingvar the Plunderer
Race(s) VrykulVrykul Vrykul
Affiliation(s) Dragonflayer clan
Location Central Howling Fjord
Status Active
Utgarde Keep
Utgarde Keep (5)

Prince Keleseth
Skarvald and Dalronn
Ingvar the Plunderer

Utgarde Pinnacle (5)

Svala Sorrowgrave
Gortok Palehoof
Skadi the Ruthless
King Ymiron

Utgarde Keep (pronounced OOT-ghaard) is the name of a keep which is the location of two dungeons in World of Warcraft, as well as the first dungeon of the same keep (see below). The keep is located on the shores of Lake Cauldros in the Howling Fjord of Northrend. It was built into the fjord this region was named for, so it's got a lake at its feet and a waterfall tumbling down the cliffs on either side.[1]

Utgarde is inhabited by the vrykul, led by King Ymiron, bent on proving their strength to the Lich King, who will raise the most worthy of their warriors to serve him beyond the grave. Enemy encounters within the keep include vrykul, their minions (such as worgs), and various types of undead.

The massive structure of stone blocks with flying buttresses has giant skulls carved into the cliffs below the keep. The height of the keep is like the social ladder for the vrykul: the higher on the food chain one is, the higher up in the keep they live. The keep and Wyrmskull village below it are the home of the Dragonflayer clan, which leads the vrykul.[1]

The first of two wings, known simply as Utgarde Keep, was available for play at BlizzCon 2007. It is suitable for a 5-man level 70-72 party.

The second wing, Utgarde Pinnacle, is a more difficult, 5-man instance for level 80 players. Besides the Keep and the Pinnacle, there are also the Utgarde Catacombs.

Both wings also have a Heroic setting for level 80 players.


View of Utgarde Keep and Wyrmskull Village.

It is said that, in ancient times, the vrykul inhabited the land, founding a vast and prosperous civilization. Then one day, without warning or explanation, the vrykul vanished, leaving behind only deserted villages and abandoned temples.

Utgarde Keep was long thought to be abandoned, a relic of a lost civilization among the central cliffs of the Howling Fjord. Yet in recent days something has roused the fortress' slumbering residents, the vrykul.

Feared to be allied with the Scourge, the savage race now terrorizes nearby settlements. With ferocious proto-dragons at their command and unparalleled prowess in battle, the vrykul pose a direct threat to Horde and Alliance campaigns in Northrend. Perhaps the only way to break the will of Utgarde's denizens is to defeat their revered leaders - but any heroes who fail in this task will surely become trophies to line the ancient halls of the vrykul fortress.[2]

Due to the settlement of Valgarde, the vrykul have recently returned. Loyal to the slumbering King Ymiron, rumors abound that they serve the Lich King. They are savage in nature, and tie into the titan creation myth that is slowly unfolding as events of the expansion take place. These formidable warriors have begun attacking Horde and Alliance settlements, and many of the vrykul are pouring out of the fortress of Utgarde Keep, not far from Valgarde.

During the war against the Lich King, King Ymiron had his throne in Utgarde Keep. The vrykul's alliance with the Scourge meant that the Lich King sent an ambassador, Prince Keleseth, to reside at Utgarde. He oversaw Scourge operations in Howling Fjord and made himself a general pain in the rear around the region, working with Ingvar the Plunderer to organize raids. Adventurers eventually killed him, but he was later resurrected.[1]

Ymiron's ultimate reward was to be made undead, and then to get killed like a dog by adventurers at the pinnacle of his own keep.[1]

Utgarde Keep is their main base of operations and is similar to the fel orcs' Hellfire Citadel. Inside, the Dragonflayer clan also built massive engines of war and trains proto-dragons to act as steeds for their raids.


Instance Name Races Level Range Location
Utgarde Keep Vrykul 70+ Howling Fjord
Utgarde Pinnacle Vrykul 80 Howling Fjord


  • A secret tunnel is being dug from here to Gjalerbron by mindless undead, as the vrykul see manual labor as beneath them.[3]
  • Utgarde Keep is a reference to Norse mythology — Utgård (or Útgarðr) is the abode of the giants. This is appropriate since the vrykul are a race of half-giants.



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