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Main leader  Anok'suten
Race(s) IconSmall CryptFiend.gif Nerubian
Character classes Seer, Guard, Vanguard
Theater of operations Suncrown Village
Affiliation The Scourge
Status Unknown

The Nerubis are undead nerubians who are led by Anok'suten.[1] They accompanied Arthas Menethil to the Sunwell during the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas. They have since claimed Suncrown Village within the Ghostlands as their home and have a presence within Deatholme.[2][3] The blood elves strike at the Nerubis during their battle to push the Scourge out of their homeland. They later appeared in visions of the past from when Quel'Thalas fell.[4]




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