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The sword plunged into Silithus.

The Sword of Sargeras[1][2] (or the dark blade of Sargeras)[3] is a gargantuan weapon "crafted from hatred made manifest"[4] that was owned by the titan Sargeras.



Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Sargeras used to the sword impale Azeroth, gravely injuring its world-soul, as the final act of the Burning Crusade, during the Argus Campaign. It struck in central Silithus, decimating the life and settlements in the region, which is now referred to as the Wound. This event damaged the titan spirit at the core of the planet, causing it to start bleeding Azerite all over the world. The Explorers' League didn't know how deep the sword goes and what Sargeras might have disturbed or awoken.[5]

The sword's magic emitted a dark-red aura, its energies seeping into Azeroth's heart like poison, until order champions drained the sword of its corruption with their artifact weapons serving as vessels for its vast power. The red glow subsided, and the sword went dormant.[6]

According to Pixni Rustbomb, the research about the silithid who survived the destruction of the land helped understand the power of Sargeras' sword.[7]

During their first meeting in the Maw, after the fall of the Lich King, Zovaal the Jailer revealed to Sylvanas Windrunner that he predicted Sargeras would perform this action, as he told her that "a blade would pierce the heart of the world" and "she would hold the blood from its wound".[8] Later, while speaking to the Maw Walkers as he activated the Machine of Origination, the Jailer implied that he had been waiting for this event to leave Azeroth's world-soul wounded and vulnerable, allowing him to use her power for his plans.[9]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Magni Bronzebeard, the Earthen Ring, and the Cenarion Circle set up a basecamp at the base of the sword in their efforts to heal Azeroth's wounds.

The War Within

The War Within This section concerns content related to The War Within.

Years after the Argus Campaign, Thrall found Anduin Wrynn in Silithus, overlooking the sword. As they wondered from who they were receiving visions, Thrall surmised that the sword must have been aimed at someone.


  • The sword is by far the largest non-natural landmark anywhere in World of Warcraft, and its pommel is ostensibly the tallest point in the game world that players can fly to—far taller than the invisible walls that cover the sky in most of Kalimdor. If a player jumps from the top of the pommel, it can take as much as 50 seconds to fall to the ground, depending on the jump's angle.
  • When the in-game view distance setting is set to its maximum, the sword can be seen from as far away as the southern edge of Mount Hyjal. It will only render and come into view once players get within a distance of about one and a half zones from Silithus, such as in southern Desolace, but will then remain visible if they go back further north.
  • Historically, Sargeras was depicted with a broken and jagged[10] sword with an eye in its hilt, including in the patch 7.3 key art (see Gallery below). However, when the sword appears in-game and in the 7.3 cinematic, it looks whole, unbroken, and with a red orb of energy instead of an eye, but still jagged.
  • The sword is also never given a name in canon, only referred to repeatedly as the "sword of Sargeras".
    • In the non-canonical Warcraft RPG, Sargeras' sword was named Gorribal. It was crafted from his original sword, Gorshalach, which sundered itself when Sargeras turned evil. From the remnants of Gorshalach, Aggramar formed a new sword called Taeshalach, and Sargeras forged Gorribal from the other half.
    • While the name Taeshalach has been referenced in-game, the backstory of Taeshalach, Gorribal, and Gorshalach has been changed in Chronicle Volume 1 which stated that Sargeras and Aggramar always had their own separate, unnamed swords each, and both swords broke when the two titans clashed.[11] Both Lore in Short and Hearthstone[12] have depicted Sargeras and Aggramar with the swords they are still wielding today, meaning that they have not changed swords after their clash, but they did break as Sargeras' sword is portrayed as broken in half on some artwork, and Aggramar's sword in Legion seems to be missing a half, replaced with fire. It thus seems that Aggramar has always wielded Taeshalach, while Sargeras has wielded two swords: the giant, runic sword he wielded before his corruption as seen in the Chronicle artwork below where he destroys the corrupted world-soul, and the demonic, jagged sword he wields since his corruption (which one might speculate are respectively called Gorshalach and Gorribal since the name "Gorshalach" has been referenced in a trinket).[13]
  • The sword has become a meme due to its lack of narrative presence.
  • In the RPG sourcebook Shadows & Light, Sargeras is depicted with Gorribal impaling a planet.[14]
  • The tip of the sword is not Beledar, the crystalline light source of Hallowfall. The Arathi call the day that Sargeras struck the Day of Darkness, as that was the first time Beledar shifted to shadow.[15]



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