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Image of Unknown
Sargeras destroying the planet and killing the world-soul.
Race Titan
Status Deceased

The unnamed world-soul was a nascent titan spirit that was discovered by Sargeras while he was still a champion of the Pantheon. The slumbering titan was shrouded in Void energy and being corrupted by Old Gods which led to Sargeras destroying it, in order to prevent the birth of a dark titan that would end the universe. This event caused a schism within the Pantheon and ultimately led to Sargeras leaving them to begin the Burning Crusade.


While hunting the universe for demons, the titan Sargeras discovered a black, desiccated planet radiating cold, Void energies. Much to his horror, he realized that the planet was a world-soul, but instead of the joyous and peaceful dreams he was used to hearing, the world-soul screamed in horrific nightmares. Earlier in the universe's history, a group of Old Gods had found the world-soul first and had embedded themselves on the planet's surface, corrupting it with their shadowy tendrils.

A conclave of nathrezim had also discovered and settled on the world to bask in the Old Gods' dark power. Captured and interrogated by Sargeras, the demons revealed the Old Gods' plan to corrupt the world-soul so that it would awaken as an unstoppable, dark titan who would consume all matter and energy in the universe and bring all of existence under the void lords' will. While he already knew of the Void, this was the first time Sargeras realized the extent of the void lords' plans. He killed the nathrezim and then, believing the world-soul too far gone and knowing there was no other way to stop the dark titan from rising, used his blade to cleave the planet in two, killing the nascent titan within.[1]

When Sargeras returned to the Pantheon of Order to tell of these events, the other titans chastised him, arguing that it might've been possible to save the world-soul without killing it. A quarrel ensued, resulting in Sargeras storming off and cutting all ties with the Pantheon.[1] After much pondering and terrified at the thought that the void lords' might already be corrupting other world-souls, Sargeras came to the conclusion that the only way to stop their plans was to destroy all life in the universe. Sargeras freed all the demons he had captured to form the Burning Legion, and initiated the Burning Crusade. He thought that once all traces of the Void had been cleansed, life could maybe take root again, as it had once before.[2]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Telogrus Rift, an ancient world existing on the brink of the Void,[3] may be the remnants of the corrupted planet. Nether-Prince Durzaan states that Telogrus "echoes with the whispers of the great ones who were slain... and the hatred of he who broke this world",[4] possibly referring to the Old Gods and Sargeras respectively. Similarly, Locus-Walker refers to the rift as "a very old place", "broken by rage, yet sculpted by the threads of fate".[5]

In June 2023, a Hearthstone developer interview published by Game Rant mistakenly referred to Telogrus as a titan, seemingly confirming the above theory.[6] However, both the interviewed developers and the article author quickly clarified that the mention of Telogrus had been an editorialization by the author and not official information from Blizzard; the mistake was removed from the article shortly thereafter.[7]


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