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Image of Yotnar
Gender Male
Race Titanic watcher (Giant)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Location Aggramar's Vault, Stormheim
Status Active
Defeatable Legion

Yotnar is a titanic watcher located in Stormheim. He is the keeper of the Vault of Aggramar and the objective of the Trial of Might, one of the three trials required to gain access to the Halls of Valor and claim the mythic Aegis of Aggramar. When God-King Skovald completed his trial, he used his ill-begotten powers to sunder Yotnar's physical body, enter the Vault, and gain knowledge of the other trials without the watcher's blessing. A champion would however retrieve Yotnar's pieces and make him whole again, before gaining his blessing and passing the trial.


Watcher Yotnar was a fickle one. Challengers came from far and wide seeking the trials, but the watcher chose not to see. To catch his eye, one needed to show him they were worth being seen. Some of these challengers continuously await in camps throughout the Valley of the Sword, and brought with them offerings. The class order champion brought the heads of the most powerful challengers to Yotnar as well as their offerings and tributes, so that he may see them. But as they approached the Vault's entrance, they witnessed God-King Skovald holding Yotnar's decapitated head and throwing it away, claiming that his ancient rites and rituals meant nothing to him and that he would conquer the trials and take the Aegis for his own.[1]

Yotnar appreciated the outsider's gifts and offerings, as it demonstrated that they showed great respect to the trials.[2] Yotnar explained the hero that to seek Aggramar's Aegis, a champion had to complete three great trials before riding into glorious battle through the Gates of Valor. Here at the Vault they would find the knowledge of the trials. Yotnat thus sent them to find the archives for the Trial of Valor[3] and the Trial of Will,[4] and learn about them.

However, the watcher still couldn't allow the next contender, the champion, to pass through the Vault while he remained unwhole. In addition, Skovald's forces had scattered Yotnar's pieces through the plateau which they were desecrating.[5]

The champion thus retrieved both of Yotnar's arms, legs and feet, as well as his hand. Once whole again, he offered his gratitude to the outsider, and deemed them worthy to take on the trials. He told the champion to go into the Vault and find the last archive for the trial they had to undertake, the Trial of Might. Once within, Yotnar revealed that he was in fact the trial himself: as the keeper of the vault, it was his duty to test the might of those who wished to proceed. The titanic watcher was eventually beaten, again, to his great surprise. Decades of waiting without a worthy challenger, only to be beaten twice in the same day.[6] The champion, having thus passed the Trial of Might, and for having shown true valor, received the Blessing of the Watchers. The hero held aloft their weapon, which was additionally blessed with the power of the Vault's keeper himself.[7]


  • Activate Guardian Orb - Activates a Guardian Orb to assist the caster.
  • Lightforged Defense Matrix - Activates the defenses of Aggramar's Vault.


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  • His name is likely a reference to the Jotnar which is the name of a race of chaos creatures who were often in conflict with the Aesir and Vanir gods.

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