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Tyrhold on the Dragonflight login screen.
Tyrhold in-game.

Tyrhold, originally known as Uldorus, is a titan facility atop the Halls of Infusion in Thaldraszus in the Dragon Isles.[1] It's a technological marvel that houses great aqueducts that reach across the valley. It was Keeper Tyr who built the facility after he helped the Aspects fight Galakrond when they came to settle in the Dragon Isles.[2] Tyr named it "Uldorus", but the dragons started calling it "Tyrhold" and the name stuck, much to Tyr's embarrassment.[1]

The Beacon of Tyrhold, at the top, was used long ago to conceal them from the rest of the world.

Beneath Tyrhold is the Wellspring of Eternity, where Azeroth's lifeblood comes to the surface. The water is taken throughout Thaldrazsus via aqueducts and even to the Ruby Life Pools in the Waking Shores, where the dragons use it to nurture their eggs.[3]

Beneath Tyrhold lie the Halls of Infusion.





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