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Not to be confused with Azsharite or Azurite.
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  • Azerite
  • The blood of Azeroth crystalizes into chunks of Azerite, an extremely potent and powerful material.
BlizzCon 2017 concept art.
Azerite in Silithus.

“Och, I told ye she was hurtin'. Now ye can see it fer yerselves. This... is part o' her. It's... bah, 'tis so hard tae describe in words. Her essence, I suppose will do. More an' more o' it is comin' tae th' surface.”

Magni Bronzebeard[1]

Azerite is the name given to the crystallized blood of Azeroth. When Sargeras stabbed the world with his sword, it caused her to bleed her life essence all over the world. The Alliance and the Horde fought over it during the Fourth War.[2] Magni Bronzebeard gave an adventurer the  [Heart of Azeroth], a relic from Azeroth herself that allows the bearer to consume the Azerite and through it, heal Azeroth.

Island Expeditions serve as the main source for Azerite, with maps for them provided by the gnomes and goblins.[2]


An Azerite shard in King Anduin Wrynn's hand.

Long ago, Aman'Thul, the Highfather of the titan Pantheon, ripped the Old God Y'Shaarj from the world's crust and tore it apart. The volatile arcane lifeblood of Azeroth's world-soul rushed to the surface and roiled over the world. It was through this event that the Pantheon realized that the Old Gods had embedded themselves too deep in Azeroth's surface to remove without severely harming the world-soul, and so they instead resolved to imprison the vile entities below the surface of the world. After the Old Gods and their elemental minions had been defeated and sealed in their prisons, the titans' most powerful servants — the keepers — set to work to seal the still-bleeding wound. After having labored day and night to construct magic wards around the wound, the tumultuous arcane energies eventually calmed and settled into balance, and the keepers named it the Well of Eternity.[3]

On Kezan before the Cataclysm, the Bilgewater Cartel dug deep enough into the earth that they were able to find and mine a small vein of Azeroth's blood. Jastor Gallywix fashioned it into the orb on his cane. He believes there is a possibility that this mining operation bears partial responsibility for the eruption of Mount Kajaro, and it may not have been solely the fault of the Cataclysm.[4]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

At the climax of the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Sargeras attempted to destroy Azeroth. Although he was stopped and imprisoned by the Pantheon, he did manage to wound the planet in Silithus. Azeroth's world-soul began to bleed out of the wound inflicted, and as s a result, Azerite began to emerge across the planet. The Alliance and the Horde saw Azerite's potential as a power source and began to fight over it.[5] Realizing that the leaders of both factions didn't even know what Azerite truly was, Magni Bronzebeard tasked adventurers to deliver his message to their leaders, telling them to heal the wound and not exploit it for power, for Azeroth was the only home they had and they could not allow her to die.[6]

At the Seething Shore off of Silithus's coast, large quantities of Azerite has been discovered and both factions began to fight over it.[7]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

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At the time of the Fourth War, as Azeroth continued to bleed out, she bid Magni Bronzebeard to call for a hero who could lend her help; in turn, she offered to lend help to them. Magni brought the hero to the Chamber of Heart at the heart of the world, where they were given the  [Heart of Azeroth] to gather Azerite and save the world.[8]

The presence of Azerite threw the Elemental Plane into tumult, with the lesser elementals seeing it as a sign of elemental rebirth.[9]

On Kul Tiras, the Ashvane Trading Company used Azerite to create powerful gunpowder and explosives[10] and notably used Azerite weapons to destroy Daelin's Gate.[11]

On Zandalar, the Faithless sethrak harvested Azerite throughout Vol'dun, believing that the power from the stone will fuel their empire.[12] According to Keerin, most vulpera know better than to go near Azerite due to its volatility,[13] but others don't mind pocketing the "power rocks".[14]

In Pandaria, the mantid empress Shek'zara has mobilized most of her forces to search for Azerite. The Shado-Pan do not yet know her motives, but they have decided that they don't like it.[15]

During the Island Expeditions, self-proclaimed black dragon earth-warders claimed that the golden world-blood was theirs to protect.[16][17] The Bloodwake vrykul fervently sought Azerite for unknown purposes.[18] At the same time, Odyn has heard about the mortal races' search for Azerite, and his Valarjar have gathered what they could.[19]

Kezan was left brimming with Azerite following Sargeras' assault on Azeroth. Seeking to make a fortune and ascend to the title of trade prince, the Venture Company's leader Mogul Razdunk focused the company's efforts on weaponizing the mineral and selling it to the highest bidder.[20]

In Uldum, the Amathet tol'vir believed that they, stewards of the titans, should control Azerite.[21]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

The Jailer drawing Azeroth' soul and power into the Shadowlands.

In the Heart of Eternity of the Sepulcher of the First Ones, Zovaal the Jailer activated the Forge of Souls below Icecrown Citadel to siphon Azerite from the world-soul of Azeroth into the Sepulcher, so that it could power the Machine of Origination with the intention of unmaking all of existence.[22] As she was being drained, the Jailer repeatedly attacked Azeroth both physically and with Domination magic, causing her to bleed Azerite over the chamber floor. Some of it empowered the Maw Walkers who were fighting Zovaal, but the latter also consumed some to empower and protect himself.[23]

Following the defeat of the Jailer, the Forge of Souls ceased to siphon Azerite from the planet.


Pools of liquid Azerite.


Azerite comes in two forms: fluid and hardened chunks. It is liquid when it bleeds from the earth and only solidifies when exposed to air.[24] It is surprisingly light in its solid form[25] and once hardened, it cannot be broken by swords, hammers, goblin shredders, or the energy pulse from the Crunchola.[25] Armor constructed out of Azerite survived three minutes of bombardment from Sapphronetta's Lightning Blast 3000 with only a slight melting of the metal.[25] Azerite's coloration is a combination of icy blue[26] and a golden color similar to honey[26] or amber.[4]

The Azerite sample that the Bilgewater Cartel found below Kezan before the Cataclysm was originally gold and liquid, but when exposed to air it solidified, gradually lost its amazing properties, and changed color to become as red as a drop of human blood. However, when Sargeras struck Azeroth and new Azerite began flowing to the surface, the old Azerite sample turned back to gold and regained its previous characteristics.[4][27]

Effects and uses

  • Being a titan's blood, like the Well of Eternity, Azerite is arcane in nature.[28]
  • It is an extremely potent mineral that can be used to power machines and weapons.
  • Wielding Azerite is a startling experience that fills one's body with an abundance of energy, heightens comprehension, and causes one's mind to be filled with brilliant and innovative ideas. Anduin Wrynn compared the sensation to the Light, but much more intense and more physical than spiritual.[26] Velen considered the sensation to be similar to holding a piece of a naaru.[29] The exact effects seem to differ from person to person:
    • When Anduin Wrynn held an Azerite pebble, his weariness and the grief for his father vanished, replaced by surging energy. His mind raced with strategies to ensure a lasting peace benefiting every being on Azeroth. Furthermore, his body reached new levels of strength, dexterity, and control, making him feel like he could move mountains, end war, and channel the Light into every dark corner. He felt exultant, but the same time perfectly calm and certain how to channel the rush of power. Even when he placed the Azerite in a handkerchief in his pocket and was no longer directly touching it, the sensation remained present and noticeable, albeit less intense.[26]
    • When Sylvanas Windrunner held the mineral, she felt energy coiling through every muscle and like she was powerful enough to crush skulls with her grip or cover a league in a single stride. Frighteningly brilliant and creative thoughts raced through her brain. She saw herself as a goddess of destruction and creation, able to raise entire armies, cities, and cultures, or destroy them to swell the numbers of her Forsaken.[4]
    • When Grizzek Fizzwrench held it, everything in the room around him came into hyperfocus, amplifying the colors and allowing him to hear layers in the sound of the nearby ocean and almost feel the vibrations of birdsong. His mind raced uncontrollably, analyzing and calculating the exact details of his hand's contact with the Azerite and what uses the mineral could have.[27]
    • When Sapphronetta Flivvers held it, she felt alert, strong, and sharp, and the pain of her sunburn, the dryness in her mouth, and the hunger in her stomach all vanished. Her mind was immediately filled with ideas on how to improve Feathers if only she had access to the right tools. Although her brain was "on fire", it was calm and not frantic.[30]
  • Azerite can both neutralize poisons and massively amplify their effects:
    • When a highly poisonous, corrosive substance was smeared on a chunk of Azerite, the poison changed color and became completely harmless to touch and ingest. Furthermore, while the poison was supposed to be tasteless, the Azerite caused it to taste like sunfruit and cherries.[25]
    • Mixing heated Azerite with a drop of poison achieved a similar result to the above and caused a palm tree to double in size when poured on the plant. However, when the proportions of poison to Azerite were switched and then applied to the same tree, the results were the opposite: the plant instantly blackened and died, every fragment of the plant rotting simultaneously.[25]
  • Sapphronetta speculated that Azerite may be able to heal wounds and extend life.[25]
  • When a single drop of an Azerite potion was applied to Grizzek's bald head, he grew a thick mane of glossy black hair flowing down his back.[25]
  • Earth elementals go crazy if Azerite is infused into them.[31][32]
  • Ancients, being connected to the world, are pained by the presence of Azerite.[33]
  • The appearance of Azerite in the Wailing Caverns caused the animals of the Overgrowth to behave strangely.[34][35]
  • Azerite can become depleted.
  • Sapphronetta Flivvers discovered a way to fuse tea leaves with Azerite particles.[36]

Despite its destructive potential, Sapphronetta believes that Azerite's natural state is ultimately toward growth and healing.[37]


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Below is a list of locations that the Azerite appeared naturally, in liquid or solid state by an eruption in the land or as scars.

Some creatures can also be infused with Azerite, such as shale spiders (Azerite Skitterer) or earthen like the Earthen Guardians. An Azerite Leviathan kraken was also seen.

As a companion pet

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