Terrace of the Makers

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Terrace of the Makers.

The Terrace of the Makers is located in the northcentral area of the Storm Peaks, across the chasm from Ulduar. It is a complex of temples and other buildings where the keepers made their homes and worked. This is the place where the artifacts expected in Ulduar are stored. The terrace shows a great deal of damage, while the broken Path of the Titans, walkways shattered, columns cracked and missing.[1]

The Plain of Echoes is to the east, while the Valley of Ancient Winters is to the south. The Hall of the Shaper is situated on the eastern side of the mountain on the terrace and is guarded by Iron Sentinels. The Inventor's Library is located to the west, its entrance on the northern face of the cliff above a field of mechagnomes astride mechanostriders who are working with Databanks. Further to the west is Mimir's Workshop, which is filled with deactivated mechagnome attendants and Attendant Tock.

Atop the terrace are the temples called Temple of Invention, the Temple of Order, and the Temple of Winter. They are located in the northwest, northeast, and south respectively.

At the time of the war against the Lich King, iron dwarves of the iron army were attacking the Earthen Warders who are guarding the entirety of the terrace. Halefnir the Windborn was situated on the stairs in the center of the terrace, heading down to the north, while Duronn the Runewrought was at the northern edge of the mainland south of Ulduar.

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