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Ulderoth is an alternate universe of Azeroth, visited during the Time Rifts. Ulderoth is a titan utopia where there is no Void presence, only Order and Life, as the Pantheon saw their experiments through.[1]

The Freya encounter reuses the Elarian Sanctuary map from Antorus, the Burning Throne. After the encounter, a  [Watcher's Log] of hologram generator of a yaungol appears, detailing the titanic watchers' observations and experiments on them.


Despite being Ordered by the titanic watchers, this place isn't safe for them - many watchers were slain by the primal wildlife,[2][3] which even includes Wild Gods running rampant.[4] There are only few non-bestial mortals living on the planet, with the yaungol usually hiding in caves and not surviving beyond 20 years of life.[2]




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